Sunday, 8 June 2014

Fun ice cubes!

When I was little (tried very hard no to say younger there as it makes me feel old) I loved ice, ice cubes and ice lollies!
Pretty much lived on ice lollies in the summer :)
But I found that we ran out of ice bags and they were a bit messy and took up room in the freezer as you couldn't put anything on top of them because it wouldn't set right.

The other day I went out and about in Brigg and we went into a shop that for the life of me I can't remember what shop it was, but I found these reusable, freezeable, colourful and so god damn cute!

I think I bought these for only £1.99 and you get (NUMBER) but when you go to a store or online you might get a different amount for a different price.

I love how cute they go in drinks and how well you can colour code them for the drinks (sorry!) :)

Friday, 6 June 2014

Tangle teezer extraordinaire

Girls with long hair. ....suffer no more! Help is at hand!

I have very very long hair and girls with long hair, will sympathise. When brushing your hair in the morning, after a shower and a very windy day the easiest thing,  it seems is to get some scissors and cut your hair!!
It's awful the amount of pulling and what feels like scalping you have to do to have your hair feels silky smooth and knot free.

I once thought -oh so romantically- that it would be a good idea to have my boyfriend comb my hair after I'd washed it. I love the feeling of someone playing with my hair.
Unfortunately my boyfriend had never combed wet hair or any long hair for that matter and put the comb at my roots and pulled down. ......ensue pain, pulling and scalping.  Let's just say I haven't let him near my hair at all since.  

I saw the tangle teezer on various blogs and vlogging videos before and it just seemed like one of those must have items.
It sat in my basket on amazon for what seemed like 4 months or so before I walked past a hair salon in Lincoln who actually stocked them!!!!
Let's just say I ran into that shop to buy one!!!
As soon as I got it home I pretty much destroyed the packaging to see how it felt running through my hair.

You have to try it girls! It's amazing.
It doesn't pull as harshly as a regular brush or comb would.
It's neat design means it fits snuggly into your hand.
Your hair feels silky smooth and knot free after! 
They come in array of colours from Orange, black,  pink, blue and on and on.
Girls.......get this item and you will throw away all your old hair brushes.

Let me know what you think if you have only just bought it or have been using them for a long time!

Ciao x