Sunday, 19 October 2014

New Sunday Video ♥

A new Video!!

I hope you enjoy this new video!

Just a quick sneaky peak into my bag and what i've been carrying around in the last few months.
A lot of people always comment on the size of my bags, that they are as big as suitcases or that it's so large i look like i'm moving out.
I feel i don't carry THAT much with me but in future i will look for a smaller bag!

Ciao X ♥

Colour Tattoo 24 Hour Eyeshadow

Since they came out on tv adverts i always knew one day i would buy them.
I just didn't know when i would make that fortunate purchase.
When i came across the super drug 3 for 2 offer i knew i had to get them or i never would.

The colours i have are:
                                     05- Eternal Gold, Which is a really nice shimmery gold.
                                     65- Pink gold, Simmilar to before its lovely and shimmery but this time its pink!
                                     40- Permanent Taupe, which is a matte medium brown.

They Feel very very smooth on your skin and they last a very long time, i've noticed after coming home from a 9 hour shif that they have stayed put and haven't smudged at all!

Pink Gold, Eternal Gold, Permenant Taupe

Ciao X ♥

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

New Late Video ---- September Favourites!

September is over and its been long gone for quite a while....16 days to be exact!
But in those 16 days things have been so so busy for me that i haven't had any time at all to film or edit or even blog!
Apart from the sneaky writing session I've had at work where I've written out whole future blog posts...shhh.
BUT don't worry! I'm not giving up before I've even begun, so here for you is my new video!

September Favourites!

Apologies for the seriously bad lighting, it gets mega dark when i arrive home and i don't have any special lighting equipment and i cannot afford it right now but i am experimenting on this so please bare with me. focus went cray-cray in this video. The setting i had it on was totally wrong so don't worry that's the LAST time you see crazy auto focus in my videos!

Please enjoy, thumbs up, comment and subscribe it means the whole world to me!

Ciao X ♥

Sunday, 12 October 2014

First Empty Review!

I can’t be the only one who gets sad and happy at the same time you use a product up?
I’m sad because said product might have been my favourite and I’m sad I have no more, of course you would be too!
But then I feel happy because I can go out and buy something new and different!

So this will be my first empties review!
I’ve used up all this product this morning, I even cut it open to scrape all the rest of it out to use, neat trick I saw on YouTube (Life hack!)
It is the Rimmel Primer 105; I had used it before in a make-up master class I took earlier on this year and I thought it was a good product to try out.
Before, I have used quite a few primers and bb creams as primers until I stopped using them altogether because I was unhappy with the look of my skin and how it felt.
When I found this primer in the high-street drug store I was quite glad I’d be able to use it to get that clean finish where your make up will stay on and won’t slide down your face in the next few hours.

When I first squeezed some product out I was quite happy with the consistency and look of it as before I had used really runny liquids or something with a stiff jelly consistency.
It was a gel like liquid and was white in colour, it felt really nice to apply to the skin which I applied with a sponge.
After I applied it to my skin it felt really smooth and silky but a tad greasy and smelt quite strong of soap, to me specifically Dove soap.
It wasn’t a smell that stuck around all day but would last until you put a foundation or powder over but it was still slightly unpleasant.

I don’t think this time around I will buy this product again and I might shop around a bit more for something less smelly and greasy.

Have you used the product? If you have let me know what you think in the comments!
Ciao X