Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Happy New Year 2015!

It's another New Year!
Time to crack open a bottle of bubbly, Stick on the TV, Eat cake and watch the count-down.

The one thing i really love about New Years Eve at 12:59 is everyone energy and the atmosphere in the room when there is the count-down.

My Biggest Accomplishments of 2014
♥ Visited York
♥ Saw my 4th Anniversary
♥ Applied to Resit some Exams
♥ Started this blog
♥ Started my own YouTube Chanel
♥ Adopted a Puppy
♥ Gained a placement for work
♥ Read 4 Books...front to back!

My Achievements for 2015
 ♥ Finish my Apprenticeship
 ♥ Get the best grades i can
♥ See through my 5th Anniversary
♥ My Sisters Wedding
♥ Read More books!
♥ Blog more! On a schedule
♥Film more for YouTube
♥ Get back to giving blood
♥ Go on holiday...where? I don't know :)
♥ Eat more Healthy
♥ Tone Up

What are you looking forward to in 2015?


New Year sign Pineterest

Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas Tag 2014 ♥

It's that time of year! What better way then to kick off our festive seasons with a little Christmas Tag!

1. What is your favourite Christmas Movie/s?
My most favourite Christmas movie has to be, the one, the only, the classic....Muppet's Christmas Carol!!
Most possibly A nightmare before Christmas, but that's the kind of film that's good on both Halloween and Christmas.
2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

I open my presents on Christmas Morning, i don't know anyone who opens them on Christmas Eve? Plus a lot of people are working Christmas Eve and the majority have Christmas day off so it just makes sense :D

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
My Favourite Christmas Memory will most likely be when i was much much younger.
I remember that i went to bed and tried soo hard to sleep, i was so exited that i couldn't!
I could hear my mum and dad wrapping all the presents up downstairs (Trying their best to be quiet but i don't know how sellotape has ever been quiet).
4. Favourite festive food?
Good Ol' Christmas Dinner!
All the trimmings! But especially the bread sauce and Pigs in blanket (If you don't know...I'm shocked so i will tell you! They are tiny sausages wrapped in bacon, mmm delicious)
5. Favourite Christmas gift?
I simply cannot answer this question. I love all the gifts bought and given to me!!
6. Favourite Christmas scent?
100% Festive spice.
So, spiced oranges, Cinnamon etc.
I have a festive Yankee Candle which is Spiced Orange, which i always light around this time of the year.

7. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?
Thinking back over the past few years i can't remember if we did!
All i can remember is spending my Christmas eve getting our local Next store ready for the Boxing day sale (Talk about not being able to enjoy Christmas...we had to be there for Boxing day for 5am!!!)
Other then that...most likely sat around with the family watching Christmas Films or You have been framed!

8. What tops your tree?
For quite a few years we had a hand made (Infant school...made) angel.
It was one of those really nice arts and crafts ideas that teachers always made you do to get into the spirit of Christmas.
I remember she had a basic cone shape which i glued gold glitter too, most of which has fallen off!
She has yellow wool for hair and golden pipe cleaners for wings!
But after about 17 years she has fallen apart slightly so at the moment it's a big old golden glitter star!

9. As a kid what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) gift you always asked for but never received?
I used to have two Guinea pigs called Fluffy and Scamper who both had passed away and i missed them dearly, so i asked my parents for some more guinea pigs.
I honestly thought that i was going to get some guinea pigs, turns out they had bought me an Anamatronic guinea pig called Guppy! Needless to say i wasn't impressed!

10. What's the best part about Christmas for you?
The best part about Christmas would be...Seeing all your friends and family. Giving and receiving amazing gifts.
I do have to admit...working in retail has turned me into a bit of a scrooge.
Y'know, working right up until Christmas eve...serving customers that qeue out the door, then having a day off that you can't really enjoy because you have to go to bed early to get up mega early for a boxing day sale that customers have qeued outside for since 12AM!!!!


Joke's aside, i really do love Christmas. I love the effort everyone puts in with the decorations and i love seeing all the houses illuminated. All the Christmas jumpers and onies...even for pets!

This tag was found on the Makeup Savvy Blog page!
If you enjoyed this tag please make your own!
Don't forget to link back to where you found it!

Sick sick sick ( >* - * )>

Hi everyone!
It's that time of year! Share the gift of giving, festivities and...bugs.
Working in retail doesn't help either. Imagine someone coming into a shop then sneezing and coughing in both hands, only to use those bacteria filled hands to go into their purse or wallet and hand you more bacteria filled money!
It's a never ending cycle!
My whole house hold has been infected with a bad chesty cough, blocked nose and bad headaches.
My mother was even hosppitalised it was so serious. 
This is the reason I haven't been filming or blogging much.
That and I got put onto 38 hours a week on shop floor and behind the tills...on my feet all day. So by the time i got home I went straight to bed to sleep!
I am feeling so much more well now.
I don't think I'm going to film until after Christmas now but don't worry! I have plenty of ideas in mind...and a little secret too.

As for blogging. .. well I've got lots of drafts saved that I need to finish off editing, proof reading and schedule on here for all you lovely readers of mine!

So, do not worry! I am back on the mend!

♥( ˆ  ⌣ˆ ԅ)

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Lime Crime Lip Gloss ♥

I've been following the Lime Crime Cosmetics company for a while now, ever since they started off with a few brightly coloured lipsticks and Zodiac Glitter but never made a purchase as i thought they were a tad pricey.
But I've finally decided to treat myself and i made a buy!

I have had this at the top of my wish list for a while and its the:
           ♥ Lime Crime Carousel Gloss in Candy Apple.
Even the names are adorable.
The packaging is very quirky and makes the product feel all the more luxurious.

I never used to be a massive fan of lip glosses as i hated the way they felt on my lips but this was an exception.

I love the smell of this lip gloss as it smells very sweet almost like an cake you want to eat.
I've tried wearing the lip gloss by it's self and wasn't too fond of it but as soon as a stuck a lipstick underneath it was sensational!
Wearing it does make you feel like you have a very luxurious product on and i found myself checking my lips out in mirrors or shop windows i walked past.
The glitter is so magical underneath and you don't have to just stick with your usual reds underneath, you can go for darker or lighter colours that will look fab.

I have quite a few more cosmetics on my wish list from this website, especially the Velvetines!
I always look forward to their new products, but as i mentioned before they are only really treats for me as they are slightly expensive.

♥ Lime Crime Website

Monday, 8 December 2014

My Winter Lip Life Savers!

If you are like me and have to have that little tub/tube of lip savers in your bag then this might be a good read  for you!

I used to have a condition with my lips when i was much much younger that meant i had to have a permanent source of lip therapy by my side to quickly prevent chapping and splitting of my lips, it need to be highly moisturising. (Ouch sounds painful!! I can tell you that it was! :( )
Stress also was a factor in why i kept getting cold sores at the sides of my lips too.

Since then i have searched high.....and low for a really good quality of lip care.
They must be really good for your lips and they must also be at a price that won't break the bank.
I used to love the good ol' Vaseline tins but as it turns out, it was doing more worse then good!
I used to apply Vaseline to my lips around 20-35 times a day and would lick my lips if they felt really dry. Now i can confidently say i only apply this stuff maybe 3-5 times a day now.

(Apologies for the state they are in! They have been well used!)

Since then I've had small break outs caused by stress that I've managed to keep under control with these babies!
It's been hard but I've managed to keep it under control and to the point where if i feel i need a bit more extra moisture to my lips i know exactly what i need to apply before they get chapped.
So for those of you who suffer from very dry lips or no longer have that natural moisture to your lips then these beauties might just be the investment you need.

All 4 of these products are by the brand Blistex, it's amazing! They have lots of different products tailored to your lips needs.

Of the 4 i have -      Blistex Intensive Moisturiser in a tube,
                         Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner Aloe
   Blistex Relief Cream
Blistex MedPlus

And they aren't pricey!! Most are prices for just under £3 each!

I would recommend these products to any one who has troublesome lips.
They are 100% going to be continuous repurchases for me!!

Here is their website -
                                superdrug Blistex
                                Boots Blistex

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Maybelline Colour Drama Review

At the moment I'm really in love with lipsticks and lip pencils!
I was actually out looking for more lip liners when i came across this chubby lip pencil.

They had various colours in stock but these two grabbed my attention straight away.

 ♥ 130 Love my pink.
Already looks a little dulled down because I've worn it a few times already, so i just need to sharpen it up.
♥ 310 Berry Much.
They both feel so velvety smooth and the big pencil means you get more coverage for your lips.
It feels moisturising as well as being a Matte effect.
They are extremely pigmented.

The coverage is excellent as long as you don't eat anything, then again it's like that for the majority of lipsticks and pencils.
But Berry Much tends to have a bit more staying power due to the darker pigments.

There is also noticeably less bleeding because they act as both a lip liner and the full lipstick itself.
I feel I'm going to get a lot more use out of Berry Much at the moment as its more of a darker Autumnal colour. Love my pink is more of a brighter spring/summer colour.
The colour is really nice, but to me its much more lighter then on the colour at the end of the pencil.
They will be a favourite of mine for a while and I'm going to get other colours to add to my collection.

If you own a Maybelline Colour Drama pencil let me know what you thought!!

They are mostly available at your local drug store, Boots, Superdrug or a super market such as Tesco.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Autumn/Winter Make up ♥

It's that time O' year...get out your dark lip gloss and put away the eyeliner.

What i used -

Maybelline  Dream Matte Mouse Foundation - Light Porcelain 04
Maybelline 24 Hr Tattoo Eye shadow - Eternal Gold 05
MUA - Pro - Base Fixing Mist
Rimmel Clear Completion Powder
Benefit - High Beam
Rimmel Lasting Finish Soft Colour Blush - 020 Rose
Avon - Super Extend Mascara - Black
Sleek - Brow Kit in Medium
Collection 2000 Lipstick - Gothic Glam 3 Revenge

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

New Video - Hair care

Hi guys!!
Sorry i haven't been able to record a video in a while!
Everything has been so hecktic and so crazy i haven't had a moment to myself.
I hope you guys enjoy the video!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

New Debenhams Store - My Benefit Experiance. ♥

I love Benefit!
Just wanted to get that out there :)
I think that everyone should have at least one product from Benefit as a staple in their make up bag.
I wanted to share with you my experience at our new store!
                                                         (Benefit-Cosmetics-Debenhams-Store Facebook Link)

Living in a small town we don't really get a lot of....anything.
When you see the adverts on tv for something like an amazing new epilator, at the bottom of the TV it will usually say "Available only in bigger boots"...i know i won't be getting it here.
Well no more!
As we have had a bigger shopping place built...YEY! :D
(But this isn't about that, it's about...what's inside that shopping centre)

When i first heard that we were going to have a Debenhams built and it would include a Benefit counter i was ecstatic, so very exited!
As soon as i found out they were doing complementary make-up lesson's i booked myself in straight away! They did have a launch VIP night but i missed it :(.

I took a friend with me as, everyone needs a gal pal when it comes to make up and make up lessons.
As soon as i walked up to the counter the lady who greeted us was so lovely and enthusiastic.
She asked us what it was thyat we wanted to start off with to learn about and have a try out of some products.
For me, I'm always looking for new foundations, my skin gets used to the old foundations and ends up looking awful.
Plus your skin changes a lot during different seasons so different foundations can change the look of your skin.

She asked if i had used any of Benefits skin care range, which i replied..."No :(" but i had seen a lot of on Tumblr and the packaging looks so adorable and vintage!
So we started off by taking off my make up i currently had on at the time.
Then we cleansed and toned my skin!
Which i can tell you, felt amazing!
Mini pamper session!

Here are the products she used: ♥
♥ Porefessional Felt really amazing on my skin, light weight and matte, silky texture. It was a really really good primer and helped to lessen the appearance of my pores. The foundation felt a very smooth and had an even appearance after this bad boy was on my face.
♥ Play-sticks  This smelt so fresh and nice! It smelt slightly of tea tree which is always good! Never had such good smelling foundation before, not that i go around smelling foundations before i buy them. It felt light and dewy on my face. I would defiantly have to put some powder on top of this because my skin gets slightly oily throughout the day and i don't want a big shiney forehead at lunch.

♥ Brow-zings Were then used on my brows because i wanted to learn on how to make my eye brows stand out more. Not just by filling them in but by giving them more shape, so i was certainly impressed!
♥ Gimme-brow But if you are still shy and nervous about using the Brow-zings you can use this product! Its a smaller wand then most mascaras which is useful because its for your brows! It helped to give more fuller looking eye brows whilst brushing them into place so hairs didn't stray.
♥ High-brow Was used underneath my eye brows to separate the colours from my eye shadow, it also helped make the lines from my eye brows look cleaner and smoother. I've seen tutorials where people use concealer to do this but for me i quite liked how simple High Brow was to use.

Face part 2
♥ Hoola This was a very nice product to use for contouring, its not too dark, dirty looking or heavy like a few bronzers I'd seen and used. She had shown me where exacily to put the product on my face, which really helped. Contouring can be scary and look messy and dirty if done wrong so it's always a good idea to ask if you aren't sure, they will be happy to give you a demonstration!
♥ High-beam This was a real difference to normal powder high lighters. It feels lovely and silky smooth on the skin and you can apply with the brush and then smooth over with your finger. It was strange at first because it just looked like a really big bottle of nail varnish! I loved the sheen and glimmer to my face that it gave.
♥ Hervana I don't wear a lot of brightly coloured blushers because i don't want to look like a little doll so this was really nice and stubble set of colours all blended together nicely on the brush. It wasn't too much and i really liked the look.

♥ Theyre-real-push-up-liner I love gel liners, i love how precise a cat eye wing can look after using them. But I'd never used one as a pen! I was very exited to use this product because a lot of popular bloggers and youtubers had given fantastic feedback and reviews. It felt really smooth on my face and didn't smudge a lot. Although i did have a feeling that the liner would take a lot of practise to get used to.
♥ Theyre-real This mascara! Well! It's so stunning! It has to be the best mascara i have seen to date. I could not believe my friends eye lashes after she used it. She doesn't really wear a lot of mascara anyway so the difference was unreal. They looked fuller, thicker and so long! Gorgeous!
The mascara is 100% going to be my next purchase, i just have to use up all my current mascara's first.

I walked away from my session with a big smile on my face and a slightly emptier purse.
I really do love how quirky Benefit are but for me they are a tad expensive, doesn't stop me from popping in once in a while to pick something special up.

My verdict:- I had such a fun time! The lady who helped me with the products was simply amazing, we had a few jokes and she was seriously approchable and just lovely all together!
Honestly! If you wanted to know more go to your local counter and ask one of the ladies!

If i had enough money i would of bought all the products she had used and showed me.
Unfortunately...the problem with earning next to dust is that..you can't :(

Watch out for my next post very soon!!!

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Autumn Tag!

We are very much in the midst of Autumn now.
The streets are filled with yellow and red crisp ..or damp...leaves.
Its chilly and slightly misty in the mornings!
The blankets and onsies have come out!
And the candles are lit!

I've said it before and i'll say it again, Autumn is one of my favourite seasons.
I was browsing through some blogs recently when i came across two blogs that had already done this tag:

And i decided...I've already done an Autumn post...why not a tag!?
Here we go!
1.  Ok we're talking coffee's - what's your favourite seasonal drink from Starbucks/Costa/Cafe Nero etc?
I didn't usually use to like coffee's until one of my friends introduced me to the Costa speciality coffee's. Latte's that aren't strong because they are mostly milk and foam and a syrup of your choice.
I chose vanilla because it's very sweet and takes away the strong taste of coffee.
I do still opt for just a plain ol' Cuppa tea occasionally too!
2.  Accessories - what do you opt for, scarf, boots, gloves?
I opt for Scarf! A big, chunky knit cream scarf to wrap around and snuggle my head down into, making me look like i have no neck...or chin.
Sometimes i will wear boots, just some nice and simple ones from Asda that are low cut, black and have small gold spikes on the sides.
Gloves...well ...when its winter and snowing yes. But not right now.
3.  Music - what's your favourite music to listen to during Autumn?
Gosh, this is a strange question to me! I don't really have a seasonal song!!
I have a seasonal album which is the whole of my i-tunes! :p
4.  Perfume - what's your favourite scent for this time of year?
I'd have to say Nina by Nina! It's usually more of a 'special' events perfume but i love it in the Autumn! I love to spray it on my scarf so when I'm walking around outside it's all i can smell :)
5.  Candles - what scents will you be burning this season?

Cinnamon candles! Spiced apple!!!
But i still do have a LOT left over from last year from my big spiced orange Yankee candle so it will most likely be that!

Although i did light this the other day and i woke up thinking it was Christmas!
6.  What do you love most about Autumn?
Lighting candles, having hot soup and loads of hot drinks! Cuddling up in a blanket with the fire on to watch a film. I like the dark nights but not when i finish work and come home and it's pitch black :( That part makes me sad.

I love going outside and seeing how the tree's have changed, seeing all the leaves on the floor all crisp and inviting to kick!
I love going outside and there being a slight nip of cold in the air that wakes you up even more.
7.  Favourite makeup look?
Dark berry lip, strong eye brow and mascara. For me a little cat eye is good but a strong bold cat eye could be too much. I don't usually like wearing a blusher in this whether either because i have naturally rosy cheeks and when i step outside they come out! So adding blush to this would be waaaay too much!
8.  What are you looking forward to most in Autumn?

Being cosy and warm. I love going out for a 2 hour walk with my dog around a lovely woodland area, then coming home into the warmth and warming up.
BATHS! So many bubble baths!!!
I have an excuse to use up all the bubble bath bombs I've been collecting!

If you want to blog about this tag feel free!
Comment below and i will read your answers in your tag :D

X Ciao

Images -  Lighteartly Tumblr
Tommyandgaby Tumblr
Warmautumnlight Tunblr

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Expiration dates????!

Did you know that ALL beauty products have expiration dates?
From your mascara to your conditioner!
Do you know where to find those expiration dates?
How many products do you have that could be out of date!?
Well Girls & Guys..It might be time to have a clear out!

Ciao ♥

Sunday, 19 October 2014

New Sunday Video ♥

A new Video!!

I hope you enjoy this new video!

Just a quick sneaky peak into my bag and what i've been carrying around in the last few months.
A lot of people always comment on the size of my bags, that they are as big as suitcases or that it's so large i look like i'm moving out.
I feel i don't carry THAT much with me but in future i will look for a smaller bag!

Ciao X ♥

Colour Tattoo 24 Hour Eyeshadow

Since they came out on tv adverts i always knew one day i would buy them.
I just didn't know when i would make that fortunate purchase.
When i came across the super drug 3 for 2 offer i knew i had to get them or i never would.

The colours i have are:
                                     05- Eternal Gold, Which is a really nice shimmery gold.
                                     65- Pink gold, Simmilar to before its lovely and shimmery but this time its pink!
                                     40- Permanent Taupe, which is a matte medium brown.

They Feel very very smooth on your skin and they last a very long time, i've noticed after coming home from a 9 hour shif that they have stayed put and haven't smudged at all!

Pink Gold, Eternal Gold, Permenant Taupe

Ciao X ♥

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

New Late Video ---- September Favourites!

September is over and its been long gone for quite a while....16 days to be exact!
But in those 16 days things have been so so busy for me that i haven't had any time at all to film or edit or even blog!
Apart from the sneaky writing session I've had at work where I've written out whole future blog posts...shhh.
BUT don't worry! I'm not giving up before I've even begun, so here for you is my new video!

September Favourites!

Apologies for the seriously bad lighting, it gets mega dark when i arrive home and i don't have any special lighting equipment and i cannot afford it right now but i am experimenting on this so please bare with me.
Also.....auto focus went cray-cray in this video. The setting i had it on was totally wrong so don't worry that's the LAST time you see crazy auto focus in my videos!

Please enjoy, thumbs up, comment and subscribe it means the whole world to me!

Ciao X ♥

Sunday, 12 October 2014

First Empty Review!

I can’t be the only one who gets sad and happy at the same time you use a product up?
I’m sad because said product might have been my favourite and I’m sad I have no more, of course you would be too!
But then I feel happy because I can go out and buy something new and different!

So this will be my first empties review!
I’ve used up all this product this morning, I even cut it open to scrape all the rest of it out to use, neat trick I saw on YouTube (Life hack!)
It is the Rimmel Primer 105; I had used it before in a make-up master class I took earlier on this year and I thought it was a good product to try out.
Before, I have used quite a few primers and bb creams as primers until I stopped using them altogether because I was unhappy with the look of my skin and how it felt.
When I found this primer in the high-street drug store I was quite glad I’d be able to use it to get that clean finish where your make up will stay on and won’t slide down your face in the next few hours.

When I first squeezed some product out I was quite happy with the consistency and look of it as before I had used really runny liquids or something with a stiff jelly consistency.
It was a gel like liquid and was white in colour, it felt really nice to apply to the skin which I applied with a sponge.
After I applied it to my skin it felt really smooth and silky but a tad greasy and smelt quite strong of soap, to me specifically Dove soap.
It wasn’t a smell that stuck around all day but would last until you put a foundation or powder over but it was still slightly unpleasant.

I don’t think this time around I will buy this product again and I might shop around a bit more for something less smelly and greasy.

Have you used the product? If you have let me know what you think in the comments!
Ciao X

Monday, 29 September 2014

No- no review!

 No-No- A big NO!

I do have to apologise for another negative review but this is one I feel I needed to do.
If you haven’t seen on a TV advert, radio or in a magazine there’s a new hair removal apparatus called the No-no, Meaning No more hair.
It’s little and compact and comes in an array of colours with different treatment settings, it also comes with a buffer pad and a moisturiser for after use.
It claims that It’s thermacon technology zaps away the hairs leaving smooth sleek skin and can be used anywhere on the body such as legs, chest, back, armpits and even your face!
Seems impressive, no?
I wanted to buy this product and test it out, what also made it appealing is the fact it had a 60 day money back guarantee if you weren’t happy.
But I couldn’t justify spending over £250+ on a machine that had very mixed reviews.

Luckily my best friend was able to receive one as a present for her birthday and I asked her how it was going and if after a few uses could I ask her some questions for a review. She happily accepted but said right from the start she was thoroughly disappointed with the No-no.

She said for the very first day she tried to get it to work for 6 hours. That’s a long time to get something that’s supposed to be quite simple and easy to use to work.
She is the kind of person who reads all the instructions thoroughly before using things so she wasn’t doing anything wrong.

She told me that she didn’t even manage to get to the moisturising stage because nothing had happened.
She had left her leg hair unshaven to the correct amount to make sure she could see any changes to where the hair would have been zapped, and …nothing!

It’s a lot of money to be spending to end up with a disappointing product, so she asked for a refund and send the item back.
She’s happy now she has her money refunded but still disappointed and unimpressed the fact this was product was very popular and seemed to be loved by a lot of people…and it didn’t seem to be all that.

I’m glad I was able to ask someone’s opinion on a product that would become so popular and I can say with certainty that I will not be purchasing this. I’m more aware of these kind of products too that seem to be popping up more and more and I’m going to be careful if I ever buy one.
If anyone has any questions they wanted to ask so I can ask my friend or if you have tried this product yourself and want to have your say please comment!

Ciao x ♥

Friday, 26 September 2014

Clothing Haul

I realised I'm not the greatest so far when under pressure from the Camera , at giving good descriptions of items that i feature.
Not to worry, this will be sorted as i have gathered many ideas about how i can improve this!
Keep tuned to see that improvement in action.

For the feature video:
Its not exactly Autumnal clothing but they were bits and bobs i saw that i wanted to purchase.
I went shopping...maybe at totally the wrong time.
It was a bank holiday and it was into the last week of the school holidays, this meant that everyone and their dog wanted to go last minute shopping...including me.
The shopping centre i went to is extremely popular and i struggled a lot to find clothing i liked as most of the shops were half in their summer clearance and half in getting new stock in.
It was extremely warm in a lot of shops and it was very easy to get fed up waiting in a queue of 60 people.

I didn't try a lot of the clothing on either because you just wanted to buy the clothes and leave.
I would be surprised if you could wait that long to get into a changing room that was hot, humid, sweaty and smelly and come out still wanting to purchase the clothing items that now smelt of other peoples Body odour.

Anyway! Good news!
It might be a time for me to actually go and do some Autumn clothing shopping!!!

Ciao X ♥

Thursday, 25 September 2014

3rd week Youtuber/Bloggers

Hey Guys!

Apologies for the fact i missed out on doing one of these last week but i had a bit of a break, i had a holiday off work and even though i had a lot of time on my hands i found myself managing to fill those days up pretty quick and didn't have time to blog or schedule!
But I'm here and busy as ever!

So, onto the third youtuber!
This one i only just started to watch his videos and i've watched about 90% of them so far.
I find a lot of them just hilarious because sometimes its just nice to be able to watch videos that are different from the usual hauls, tutorials and general beauty.

I present the very first video i watched.
At one point i was laughing in tears and i couldn't breathe it was so funny!

I hope you guys enjoy watching his videos and give you a massive pick me up, as they did for me!

Get ready to laugh til you get a 6 pack!

Ciao X

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

First Day Of AUTUMN!

 That's right!

Get out the scarfs, hats, coats, onesies, fluffy blankets.
Put the kettle, fire and heating on!
Light some candles!
Looking at all the new cosy new season fashion colours and clothing they will have in stores now.
The smell of festive spice and freshly baked ginger bread men ♥

Autumn is my favourite season because i love seeing the season change, all the leaves will turn and fall into crunchy kicking temptations on the floor.
Then air becomes more cool and colder and crisp.
You wake up and there's a morning mist or evening fog.

Not to mention there's Halloween.....and Bon fire night!

I love going out for walks, wrapping up in a cardigan and over sized hat and scarf then coming back into a house where i can go for a steaming hot bath and settle with a hot chocolate or soup, wrap up in a blanket in my onsie and watch a film.


Whats your favourite thing about this season?

Images from google search : http://www.freegreatimages.com/happy-first-day-of-autumn/

Monday, 22 September 2014

Body shop & Lush Haul!

Hey Guys!

Uploaded my second video, its a haul!
I tried to move around quite a bit to make sure i didn't get as much glare in my glasses but it came out worse then before.
Not to worry i'll have to pull out the trusty contact lenses for future :)

Check it out here:

Friday, 5 September 2014

Get To Know Me Tag! ♥

Hey guys! So i did a tag a while back and i decided to do another one! Just to let all you knew and old followers know a little bit more about myself :) Enjoy! ♥
Vital Stats: 

♥ Name  Kerry Brown

♥ Nicknames
Kerry, Kid, Karebear

♥ Birthday

  2nd July 1992

♥ Place of Birth

Somewhere rather boring in the UK.
Linolnshire area!

♥ Star Sign


♥ Occupation
Currently an Apprentice Ambassador ...for grilles...yey!:/

♥ Appearance:

♥ Hair colour
Currently a mixture of natural mousy Brown, with sun bleached parts and then Blonde Ombre at the ends.

♥ Hair length

Under boob! I want it longer! :)

♥ Eye colour

Green..there are some little flecks of yellow!

♥ Best feature


♥ Braces

Nope, but i wish i had them when i was younger. Contemplating on getting them!

♥ Piercings

I have a few, mainly on my ears.
I have 5 on my ears. 3 are in 2 sets.
I have 3 naval piercings.

♥ Tattoos

One on my foot.

♥ Righty of Lefty
Righty!! Although it would be cool to be ambidextrous.
I can tie my shoe laces both "left handed" and "right handed"

♥ Firsts:

♥ Best friend
A girl - Adele age 3. We were friends right up until the age of 19.

♥ Award

Brownies most likely for something, maybe First Aid? But i cannot remember what for.

♥ Sport

Netball - Age 11

♥ Real Holiday

Ibiza - Age 18

♥ Concert
Lady Gaga -  Age 17

♥ Favourites:

♥ Film
Pans Labyrinth

♥ TV Show

At the moment, Hero's

♥ Colour

Mint green

♥ Song

Currently-  Maroon 5 Maps ♥

♥ Restaurant

Pizza hut...gotta love the hut

♥ Store

Urban Outfitters

♥ Book

I haven't got one so far.

♥ Magazine

Company!!! ♥

♥ Shoes

My white platform creepers by Primark..they do their job looking stylish. Until they get dirty.

♥ Feeling
Frustrated with life!

♥ Single or Taken

Taken! 4 years now ♥

♥ Eating

Nothing at the moment. Wish it was pizza ♥

♥ Listening to

Katy Perry - This is how we do

♥ Thinking about

About work tomorrow :(
Filming and editing :)

♥ Watching

Vlogs and videos on youtube.

♥ Wearing

 Black Strap top - Primark
Black Denier 40 Tights - Primark
Grey, black stripe skirt- Next

♥ Future:

♥ Want Children
2, just 2!

♥ Want to be married

Hopefully. More towards a yes.

♥ Careers in mind


♥ Where do you want to live
I'm not sure!?

♥ Do you believe in:

♥ God

♥ Miracles

 I believe in opportunities, if they are given to you.
You can work really really hard for a promotion, sometimes you might get it others there might not be that positon open to you. Which is sad. But i believe that if you work really hard you can achieve anything!

♥ Love at first sight

Not really

♥ Ghosts


♥ Aliens

Nope. But i believe that there might be bacteria on other planets.
♥ Soul Mates


♥ Heaven


♥ Hell.


♥ Kissing on the first date

Depends! If the feeling is right, yes. If the feeling is wrong No!

♥ Yourself

Some days, Yes, Some days No.
This tag was taken from.stephilareine. Blog! Go check her out!
Ciao X