Tuesday, 23 September 2014

First Day Of AUTUMN!

 That's right!

Get out the scarfs, hats, coats, onesies, fluffy blankets.
Put the kettle, fire and heating on!
Light some candles!
Looking at all the new cosy new season fashion colours and clothing they will have in stores now.
The smell of festive spice and freshly baked ginger bread men ♥

Autumn is my favourite season because i love seeing the season change, all the leaves will turn and fall into crunchy kicking temptations on the floor.
Then air becomes more cool and colder and crisp.
You wake up and there's a morning mist or evening fog.

Not to mention there's Halloween.....and Bon fire night!

I love going out for walks, wrapping up in a cardigan and over sized hat and scarf then coming back into a house where i can go for a steaming hot bath and settle with a hot chocolate or soup, wrap up in a blanket in my onsie and watch a film.


Whats your favourite thing about this season?

Images from google search : http://www.freegreatimages.com/happy-first-day-of-autumn/