Friday, 26 September 2014

Clothing Haul

I realised I'm not the greatest so far when under pressure from the Camera , at giving good descriptions of items that i feature.
Not to worry, this will be sorted as i have gathered many ideas about how i can improve this!
Keep tuned to see that improvement in action.

For the feature video:
Its not exactly Autumnal clothing but they were bits and bobs i saw that i wanted to purchase.
I went shopping...maybe at totally the wrong time.
It was a bank holiday and it was into the last week of the school holidays, this meant that everyone and their dog wanted to go last minute shopping...including me.
The shopping centre i went to is extremely popular and i struggled a lot to find clothing i liked as most of the shops were half in their summer clearance and half in getting new stock in.
It was extremely warm in a lot of shops and it was very easy to get fed up waiting in a queue of 60 people.

I didn't try a lot of the clothing on either because you just wanted to buy the clothes and leave.
I would be surprised if you could wait that long to get into a changing room that was hot, humid, sweaty and smelly and come out still wanting to purchase the clothing items that now smelt of other peoples Body odour.

Anyway! Good news!
It might be a time for me to actually go and do some Autumn clothing shopping!!!

Ciao X ♥