Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Dress like the youtuber!


I was flicking through Instagram the other day and i managed to find some Instagram profiles that give you the websites and prices of clothing items youtubers have worn.

Some times in a haul video youtubers will tag in the description box where they bought the item from so if you really really love it....you can buy it!
But sometimes in random Vlogs, appearances and early videos they might of forgotten or were not able to give a link to the website.

I know I'm someone who often takes screen shots of the description boxes of items I've seen from a haul that I'd like to purchase but i always forget about them and they are left in my screen shot folder :(

But now I've found this profile i love it, i love scrolling through going "oh i loved that top she wore on this date ♥"

So, check out the instagram here dress_like_youtubers instagram
I love it and i know i can't wait til pay day to try and find a lot of the dresses or blouses they have been wearing!!

Let me know what you think ♥

Ciao x