Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Stop and Breathe!

Stop & Breathe!

I've heard this phrase a lot.....a lot and thats just from me telling myself that!
 And unless you are willing to accept you aren't at fault and you aren't the wrong that phrase just seems unreal.
I was told this by a counsellor when I had to go to a session, truth be told...it wasn't the best session I've been to. I found more support and consolation from a network of friends. Who im so greatful for so much the fact I randomly text if im ever in one of my anxiety episodes.
Anxiety is not nice and everyone will go through it at some point in their life. It's not something to take lightly and there can be many reasons for it.
Mine is stress but under certain circumstances. 
I don't mean like "oh im stressing out because I don't know if I like this yogurt or not" or "im stressed because I can't choose a hair colour".
Now I'm not really inclined to talk about my stresses and anxiety so much in detail but I do hope this has helped.
No matter what you go through if you feel like you need some help from a friend either if you just want them to sit there and listen, they will. Or take a walk and listen to your music to take your mind of things but I have to really say the most important is to talk to someone!!
Never feel like you are alone, remember you aren't the only one to feel this way either!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Long week, eh?

Hey guys,  so I haven't been writing a lot lately but I do have quite a few drafts made up so far!
All written out and nice and grammar correct ready to read! But they don't have super awesome edited pictures to go with them. They will soon!
I just need to get my butt into gear and take the darn pictures!
Then after a few more posts....maybe some re writes and such ill advertise my blog around because who wants to follow a blog that doesn't have content yet? Well unless you are waiting for them to upload of course!
Ill be with you guys real soon!

Friday, 7 February 2014

Nail polish remover pads!

I have always always used just the liquid nail varnish remover myself and to be honest I hated the smell. It's so strong, but it gets the job done.

Ive seen on a few beauty blogs and even a friend at work, had some nail polish remover pads in their hand bag and said it was a must for those times your nail varnish chips and you need to reapply without those uneven surfaces that chipped nail varnish can create ( I am a repeat offender of this)!

Again, first I always just used a basic liquid nail vanish remover from a bottle...strong smell! --Poowee
And cotton pads or buds. I hate hate hate the feel on my nails if I rub these side to side over my nails....and I'm not weird! I know there are those are you out there who are exactly the same!

So again from this I decided to give these carry around pads myself!
I went to my trusty boots store and scoped out the competition.
Now my first choice was to look at price instead of brand but as always boots brand prevailed at £1.20!
There were two choices now I can't remember the first ill have to go back and have a look and see what it was but I went for a moisturising nail varnish remover as I can have quite briddle nails that need strengthening and moisture and general love :)

I chose to use these...for the very first time to remove barry m matte black nail varnish now I don't know if this made any difference because it was black pigment but it wad quite terrible.
Was just....bleh.
Again, ill have to update if I use it again on any different colours, maybe some lighter ones.
But it was really quite difficult to remove, left black on my fingers where I was rubbing the pad across.
I generally felt it dried my hands out too!

So next time I might pay a bit more for a different brand and see how that works.
Im a bit tight too in the fact that I will still use these boots pads! Until they are gone!!
But they will be reappearing in a "Empties review" when ive tried out several more nail varnishes and pigments to see what the difference is with those.