Friday, 28 November 2014

Autumn/Winter Make up ♥

It's that time O' year...get out your dark lip gloss and put away the eyeliner.

What i used -

Maybelline  Dream Matte Mouse Foundation - Light Porcelain 04
Maybelline 24 Hr Tattoo Eye shadow - Eternal Gold 05
MUA - Pro - Base Fixing Mist
Rimmel Clear Completion Powder
Benefit - High Beam
Rimmel Lasting Finish Soft Colour Blush - 020 Rose
Avon - Super Extend Mascara - Black
Sleek - Brow Kit in Medium
Collection 2000 Lipstick - Gothic Glam 3 Revenge

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

New Video - Hair care

Hi guys!!
Sorry i haven't been able to record a video in a while!
Everything has been so hecktic and so crazy i haven't had a moment to myself.
I hope you guys enjoy the video!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

New Debenhams Store - My Benefit Experiance. ♥

I love Benefit!
Just wanted to get that out there :)
I think that everyone should have at least one product from Benefit as a staple in their make up bag.
I wanted to share with you my experience at our new store!
                                                         (Benefit-Cosmetics-Debenhams-Store Facebook Link)

Living in a small town we don't really get a lot of....anything.
When you see the adverts on tv for something like an amazing new epilator, at the bottom of the TV it will usually say "Available only in bigger boots"...i know i won't be getting it here.
Well no more!
As we have had a bigger shopping place built...YEY! :D
(But this isn't about that, it's about...what's inside that shopping centre)

When i first heard that we were going to have a Debenhams built and it would include a Benefit counter i was ecstatic, so very exited!
As soon as i found out they were doing complementary make-up lesson's i booked myself in straight away! They did have a launch VIP night but i missed it :(.

I took a friend with me as, everyone needs a gal pal when it comes to make up and make up lessons.
As soon as i walked up to the counter the lady who greeted us was so lovely and enthusiastic.
She asked us what it was thyat we wanted to start off with to learn about and have a try out of some products.
For me, I'm always looking for new foundations, my skin gets used to the old foundations and ends up looking awful.
Plus your skin changes a lot during different seasons so different foundations can change the look of your skin.

She asked if i had used any of Benefits skin care range, which i replied..."No :(" but i had seen a lot of on Tumblr and the packaging looks so adorable and vintage!
So we started off by taking off my make up i currently had on at the time.
Then we cleansed and toned my skin!
Which i can tell you, felt amazing!
Mini pamper session!

Here are the products she used: ♥
♥ Porefessional Felt really amazing on my skin, light weight and matte, silky texture. It was a really really good primer and helped to lessen the appearance of my pores. The foundation felt a very smooth and had an even appearance after this bad boy was on my face.
♥ Play-sticks  This smelt so fresh and nice! It smelt slightly of tea tree which is always good! Never had such good smelling foundation before, not that i go around smelling foundations before i buy them. It felt light and dewy on my face. I would defiantly have to put some powder on top of this because my skin gets slightly oily throughout the day and i don't want a big shiney forehead at lunch.

♥ Brow-zings Were then used on my brows because i wanted to learn on how to make my eye brows stand out more. Not just by filling them in but by giving them more shape, so i was certainly impressed!
♥ Gimme-brow But if you are still shy and nervous about using the Brow-zings you can use this product! Its a smaller wand then most mascaras which is useful because its for your brows! It helped to give more fuller looking eye brows whilst brushing them into place so hairs didn't stray.
♥ High-brow Was used underneath my eye brows to separate the colours from my eye shadow, it also helped make the lines from my eye brows look cleaner and smoother. I've seen tutorials where people use concealer to do this but for me i quite liked how simple High Brow was to use.

Face part 2
♥ Hoola This was a very nice product to use for contouring, its not too dark, dirty looking or heavy like a few bronzers I'd seen and used. She had shown me where exacily to put the product on my face, which really helped. Contouring can be scary and look messy and dirty if done wrong so it's always a good idea to ask if you aren't sure, they will be happy to give you a demonstration!
♥ High-beam This was a real difference to normal powder high lighters. It feels lovely and silky smooth on the skin and you can apply with the brush and then smooth over with your finger. It was strange at first because it just looked like a really big bottle of nail varnish! I loved the sheen and glimmer to my face that it gave.
♥ Hervana I don't wear a lot of brightly coloured blushers because i don't want to look like a little doll so this was really nice and stubble set of colours all blended together nicely on the brush. It wasn't too much and i really liked the look.

♥ Theyre-real-push-up-liner I love gel liners, i love how precise a cat eye wing can look after using them. But I'd never used one as a pen! I was very exited to use this product because a lot of popular bloggers and youtubers had given fantastic feedback and reviews. It felt really smooth on my face and didn't smudge a lot. Although i did have a feeling that the liner would take a lot of practise to get used to.
♥ Theyre-real This mascara! Well! It's so stunning! It has to be the best mascara i have seen to date. I could not believe my friends eye lashes after she used it. She doesn't really wear a lot of mascara anyway so the difference was unreal. They looked fuller, thicker and so long! Gorgeous!
The mascara is 100% going to be my next purchase, i just have to use up all my current mascara's first.

I walked away from my session with a big smile on my face and a slightly emptier purse.
I really do love how quirky Benefit are but for me they are a tad expensive, doesn't stop me from popping in once in a while to pick something special up.

My verdict:- I had such a fun time! The lady who helped me with the products was simply amazing, we had a few jokes and she was seriously approchable and just lovely all together!
Honestly! If you wanted to know more go to your local counter and ask one of the ladies!

If i had enough money i would of bought all the products she had used and showed me.
Unfortunately...the problem with earning next to dust is can't :(

Watch out for my next post very soon!!!

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Autumn Tag!

We are very much in the midst of Autumn now.
The streets are filled with yellow and red crisp ..or damp...leaves.
Its chilly and slightly misty in the mornings!
The blankets and onsies have come out!
And the candles are lit!

I've said it before and i'll say it again, Autumn is one of my favourite seasons.
I was browsing through some blogs recently when i came across two blogs that had already done this tag:

And i decided...I've already done an Autumn post...why not a tag!?
Here we go!
1.  Ok we're talking coffee's - what's your favourite seasonal drink from Starbucks/Costa/Cafe Nero etc?
I didn't usually use to like coffee's until one of my friends introduced me to the Costa speciality coffee's. Latte's that aren't strong because they are mostly milk and foam and a syrup of your choice.
I chose vanilla because it's very sweet and takes away the strong taste of coffee.
I do still opt for just a plain ol' Cuppa tea occasionally too!
2.  Accessories - what do you opt for, scarf, boots, gloves?
I opt for Scarf! A big, chunky knit cream scarf to wrap around and snuggle my head down into, making me look like i have no neck...or chin.
Sometimes i will wear boots, just some nice and simple ones from Asda that are low cut, black and have small gold spikes on the sides.
Gloves...well ...when its winter and snowing yes. But not right now.
3.  Music - what's your favourite music to listen to during Autumn?
Gosh, this is a strange question to me! I don't really have a seasonal song!!
I have a seasonal album which is the whole of my i-tunes! :p
4.  Perfume - what's your favourite scent for this time of year?
I'd have to say Nina by Nina! It's usually more of a 'special' events perfume but i love it in the Autumn! I love to spray it on my scarf so when I'm walking around outside it's all i can smell :)
5.  Candles - what scents will you be burning this season?

Cinnamon candles! Spiced apple!!!
But i still do have a LOT left over from last year from my big spiced orange Yankee candle so it will most likely be that!

Although i did light this the other day and i woke up thinking it was Christmas!
6.  What do you love most about Autumn?
Lighting candles, having hot soup and loads of hot drinks! Cuddling up in a blanket with the fire on to watch a film. I like the dark nights but not when i finish work and come home and it's pitch black :( That part makes me sad.

I love going outside and seeing how the tree's have changed, seeing all the leaves on the floor all crisp and inviting to kick!
I love going outside and there being a slight nip of cold in the air that wakes you up even more.
7.  Favourite makeup look?
Dark berry lip, strong eye brow and mascara. For me a little cat eye is good but a strong bold cat eye could be too much. I don't usually like wearing a blusher in this whether either because i have naturally rosy cheeks and when i step outside they come out! So adding blush to this would be waaaay too much!
8.  What are you looking forward to most in Autumn?

Being cosy and warm. I love going out for a 2 hour walk with my dog around a lovely woodland area, then coming home into the warmth and warming up.
BATHS! So many bubble baths!!!
I have an excuse to use up all the bubble bath bombs I've been collecting!

If you want to blog about this tag feel free!
Comment below and i will read your answers in your tag :D

X Ciao

Images -  Lighteartly Tumblr
Tommyandgaby Tumblr
Warmautumnlight Tunblr

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Expiration dates????!

Did you know that ALL beauty products have expiration dates?
From your mascara to your conditioner!
Do you know where to find those expiration dates?
How many products do you have that could be out of date!?
Well Girls & Guys..It might be time to have a clear out!

Ciao ♥