Monday, 21 April 2014


So, still trying to get a hang of the whole be consistent with blogging thing. I am trying to blog once a week but between shifts and overtime it is hard even to save to drafts!
Anyway I will be head strong and continue!
It's been so sunny lately, about a week ago I fell asleep outside in the sun with my dog sasha, little cutie, she kept licking my feet to see if I was awake or  not.
Remember to take your sunnies with you! A drink of cool water too and sun tan lotion! I know I sound like your mum but if you want to care for your skin from sun damage take sun tan lotion with you even if it's factor 15 in a little bit of sun, when your in your 50's your skin will thank you!

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Shout out! To the wonderful SolelyMer!

After some searching of all things blog related i found a little space in the blogging world called SolelyMer! I wanted to give this blog a big shout-out and to let you all know its one to watch!

When i first looked onto her blog it was amazing, she's so informative on products and how she uses them and her wish list items are so cute, gives you plenty of ideas for outfits. I could learn a lot from her and again I'm only just starting out and i have a lot to learn!
Her images are crisp and professional and i love the way she adds personality by attaching her images from instagram.

My favourite post has got to be make it personal post. I didn't used to be a big fan of personalised items since the 90's when i was bought one of those really thick black, velvet headbands with your name crudely drawn on in glue and glitter sprinkled on top to make your name look glittery, flashback anyone?!
But i love the items she has posted as they are very special, I've actually gone and ordered one of those Love initial Bracelets from

I have followed her on blogger now and i cannot wait to read more of her posts!


Those things you use to get rid of the make up!

Apologies for the most uncreative Title in the history of blogs.
In the battle for perfect skin i have tried....a lot of facial wipes! All kind of brands for all kind of skin types!
And...who doesn't use facial wipes?!
Whether it be to remove make up and cleanse the skin or help tighten and reduce pores, treat spots and acne and help to get rid of blemishes.

My favourites so far are Simple and Witch. I love the witch brand as the smell isn't overly powerful! But i love Simple too because its well simple. It doesn't have any harsh chemicals or perfumes, as the advert has probably told you many a time the instant you turn the TV on!

Witch Naturally Clear promises to clean skin and help tighten pores.
I have quite big pores on my cheeks and i found this is a must have! It certainly does help tighten and reduce the appearance of large pores.
It also says it removes make up and dirt quickly. I've never known a cleansing wipe not to, so far!
It smells clean which is a plus sounds silly but imagine cleaning your face with a wipe that smells smelly, bad smelly. You wouldn't feel as if your skin is being cleansed! So this smell is amazing and your skin feels softer after use.

Simple! No harsh chemicals or perfumes!
I use the spotless skin quick fix cleansing wipes, removes waterproof mascara which would be amazing, if i wore waterproof mascara...i don't get along with it! But as for normal mascara and make up it seems to do the job just as well.
It claims to help fight spots and have results from day one as well as helping with visibly clearer skin.
Again, for spots i love to use this!

But if i had to choose then Witch would be the winner!

Sound good so far?
I use both these products day and night alternating depending on how my face is at the time.
If facial wipes aren't a part of your facial routine then you should ask yourself "Why not?"!
But from this comes a question of "Well, how do i know what facial wipe i need and what brand?".
In the end its totally up to you! There is no right or wrong answer until you find out yourself whats better for you.

If you just want a cleansing wipe that gets rid of make up or dirt but don't really have a big budget, Own brands usually do just the job E.g Tesco, Boots, Asda.
If you want to go with a brand that specifically specialises in Skin care and maybe have a few more pennies to spend I'd take your time looking at these brands.
Olay, Simple, Witch, Clean and clear and many more.
Again, depending on your skin type you might need a sensitive wipe, Extra help to tighten pores and fight spots, reduce shine or even a Anti-Ageing wipe.

I've had many years experience with trailing out these very brands to see what ones are defiantly perfect for me!


Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Make Up Brushes! Foundation!

Hello, This is a long one!

Sadly i had to re-write this post all over again! But it isn't all bad news! Because i can change bits around and make it even better! See what i did there? Positive Thinking!

Anyway back to topic, So far i only have Two Real Technique Make-up brushes in which i will be getting more of very very soon!
The two i have are the amazing rounded foundation brush, i was originally looking for the Stippling brush but my local store didn't have it in and this was the next best thing.
The next one i have is the Silicone Eye liner brush, Ill blog about this separately because this is a totally different thing! Amazing i should add!

So, when it first came to starting wearing make up (*Year 9, i bad) like everyone else i had to start somewhere, make mistakes and learn even if that meant getting foundation of a totally wrong colour and having streaks.

I can't even begin to remember what foundation i first started to use, although it might of been a Avon brand Liquid Foundation.
But what i first used for application was the good ol' Sponge!
At first the sponge was good but i found a lot of negatives about using a sponge.
For one...the amount of bacteria that thing could of had would of been astounding, No wonder i had bad skin back then! You could of grown live bacteria in a Petr dish in a Lab!
The amount of foundation actually held inside the sponge too, as apposed to being applied on my face was quite bad too. Sucks it right up and never lets it go.

After a year and a bit of keeping...that same sponge (Face-palm) i decided it was time to upgrade...
To a foundation brush! This was also Purchased from Avon too.
At first again the brush seemed alright, easy and sleek application but after a few usages and having the brush clogged with foundation, several brands at the time because i hadn't found the one for me just yet, i found that the foundation became streaky after application and i had a lot of lines across my face. Very unattractive.

In recent years i then found...the beauty sponge! Strange egg looking thing but its meant for smoother application and precise blending.
I got the real cheap version from amazon from a shop in china and again it was brilliant at first and ended up being quite the bacterial feeding ground and it became impossible to wash.
If you wash your brushes regularly you should know by now that just washing them with water wont work and you need a liquid of some sort to really break through the cake of the foundation masking the brush bristles. This is where i use Johnson's baby shampoo, but again that is for another post and not for today's post!
So, i found cleaning it became impossible, but when I'd looked on the Internet at other bloggers who had this Beauty Blender sponge they seemed to be able to clean it with ease. Maybe my mistake was that i actually didn't buy the proper brand either.
Don't Scrimp ladies, It shows!

So finally! We come to the creme-a-la-creme for me in the foundation brush stage!
Real Techniques Facial Foundation Brush has been the best so far I've used!
It was soft, really soft! I couldn't stop stroking it and running the brush across my arms or face.
It doesn't suck up the foundation like sponges do and you are left with easy application and blending, so no streaks and a even finish!
I'm really looking forward to trying out the rest of this brand and reviewing them for you guys!

Stay Tuned!

To be updated with pictures!