Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Make Up Brushes! Foundation!

Hello, This is a long one!

Sadly i had to re-write this post all over again! But it isn't all bad news! Because i can change bits around and make it even better! See what i did there? Positive Thinking!

Anyway back to topic, So far i only have Two Real Technique Make-up brushes in which i will be getting more of very very soon!
The two i have are the amazing rounded foundation brush, i was originally looking for the Stippling brush but my local store didn't have it in and this was the next best thing.
The next one i have is the Silicone Eye liner brush, Ill blog about this separately because this is a totally different thing! Amazing i should add!

So, when it first came to starting wearing make up (*Year 9, i know...how bad) like everyone else i had to start somewhere, make mistakes and learn even if that meant getting foundation of a totally wrong colour and having streaks.

I can't even begin to remember what foundation i first started to use, although it might of been a Avon brand Liquid Foundation.
But what i first used for application was the good ol' Sponge!
At first the sponge was good but i found a lot of negatives about using a sponge.
For one...the amount of bacteria that thing could of had would of been astounding, No wonder i had bad skin back then! You could of grown live bacteria in a Petr dish in a Lab!
The amount of foundation actually held inside the sponge too, as apposed to being applied on my face was quite bad too. Sucks it right up and never lets it go.

After a year and a bit of keeping...that same sponge (Face-palm) i decided it was time to upgrade...
To a foundation brush! This was also Purchased from Avon too.
At first again the brush seemed alright, easy and sleek application but after a few usages and having the brush clogged with foundation, several brands at the time because i hadn't found the one for me just yet, i found that the foundation became streaky after application and i had a lot of lines across my face. Very unattractive.

In recent years i then found...the beauty sponge! Strange egg looking thing but its meant for smoother application and precise blending.
I got the real cheap version from amazon from a shop in china and again it was brilliant at first and ended up being quite the bacterial feeding ground and it became impossible to wash.
If you wash your brushes regularly you should know by now that just washing them with water wont work and you need a liquid of some sort to really break through the cake of the foundation masking the brush bristles. This is where i use Johnson's baby shampoo, but again that is for another post and not for today's post!
So, i found cleaning it became impossible, but when I'd looked on the Internet at other bloggers who had this Beauty Blender sponge they seemed to be able to clean it with ease. Maybe my mistake was that i actually didn't buy the proper brand either.
Don't Scrimp ladies, It shows!

So finally! We come to the creme-a-la-creme for me in the foundation brush stage!
Real Techniques Facial Foundation Brush has been the best so far I've used!
It was soft, really soft! I couldn't stop stroking it and running the brush across my arms or face.
It doesn't suck up the foundation like sponges do and you are left with easy application and blending, so no streaks and a even finish!
I'm really looking forward to trying out the rest of this brand and reviewing them for you guys!

Stay Tuned!

To be updated with pictures!