Thursday, 31 July 2014

Body shop Wish list♥

For my birthday i was bought a ton of amazing things from The Body Shop!
I love them all and i can't wait to use them all but i still want more!

I went into the body shop a while ago looking for some presents for my friend, a fellow Body Shop Lover, and to be honest i found more things I'd love to have myself rather then give as a present.
I'm 100% sure i will buy double and give her them anyway.

This wishlist isn't really all that big because make up wise ironically I've seen more in store then i have online so i can't really add those in. Also another reason there might not seem like there is a lot is because my body shop loving friend bought me loads of body shop products for my birthday so I'm full to the brim with products to use!

 My first favorite i would love to buy is the ever so popular body butter...but in Honey! It's called Honeymania quirky like the Chocomania one. I really hope this becomes a Permanent product for them and not just a one off summer limited edition. I smelt this product in store and it smells so luscious, i did a patch test on the front of my hand and on my wrist and it felt very silky smooth and more importantly...hydratingly moisturized!

 My second, sticking with the honey theme, is the Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry oil. If you have been lucky to enjoy the sun and become a sun worshiping soul then i recommend this product to help enhance your tan. It's shimmer and smells of honey! I bet it feels fantastic on your skin and ill be shocked if you don't wear this out to an evening meal or party and don't feel glamorous.

 My third in my wishlist/want list is the All in one BB cream. I'd seen this A LOT in various blogs and youtube video's and it seemed really popular. I mean a lot of youtubers and bloggers wouldn't lie about a product if it was bad? right?
The only thing i found wrong when seeing this product is how small it was and at the prices they do you would have to buy in bulk if you had some discount. I feel i would use a tube a month and i can't really afford to buy a new one each time. So this one might have to be left to those special occasions.

 Lastly! Vitamin E aqua boost sorbet. All i have seen advertised on the oustside of the window of our own body shop establishment is the Sorbet collection with range from Facial creams to body creams. I have enough body butters to last me a few good years! I decided i'd go for something a bit different and seeing as though its summer time my skin might be in a extra need of Vitamin E to help keep moisture, keep it looking healthy and fresh!

I hope you enjoyed this wishlist!
Please feel free comment below!
If you have a personal favorite you are looking forward to buying or if you have any of these products and want to tell me about them!

Ciao X

All pictures are accredited to the Body Shop wesbite.

Monday, 28 July 2014

My August wish list! ♥

First time for everything and I've never done one of these before so let's see how it goes.
I'm just going to add a whole load of bits and bobs into this for my August Wish list!

My first on my wishlist is MAC diva. I've seen it a few times on instagram and various pictures on Tumblr. I love how dark and striking it is. Plus the fact it's MAC, sometimes just owning a branded high end product is nice in itself. I shall be sporting the dark lip throughout autumn...again!  

I still love these shoes. For me the heel looks a bit...clunky as I'm used to a stiletto and I'd feel like a clown wearing them at first. But I suppose once you get used to them you will look a feel fab! It's all in the confidence

These trousers from American apparel are so fancy! I had seen them on another blog, which name escapes my mind but I'm sure I've bookmarked somewhere. I loved the different shades used to give you more variety rather then the usual standard white or black. It's just so nice to NOT wear jeans or leggings!

Benefit their real push up eye liner.
I love winged eye liner and I've used pencils, liquids and pots but this seems so different.  I've seen mixed reviews over this product and i feel that without trying it for myself , I don't know how I feel about it just yet. It looks different from anything I've used but you have to get used to it! 

Brush cleansers, I've known about these for a while but didn't take them seriously because I didn't know how to use them. But after finding that my new foundation wouldn't shift from my favourite face brush, it was time to ask around.
These brush cleaners were recommended to me and the ladies said they were much better then baby shampoo! Especially at shifting the hard caked on stuff! 

Thanks for reading!
Comment your Autumn wish list

Ciao x ♥

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

My favourite Drug store Lipstick reviews

So I love trying new lipsticks and at what better price than drug store!?
My two favourite I found were by rimmel in the Kate Moss lasting finish lipstick range. 
I actually found these two by watching someone else's Beauty Haul Vlog and i fell in love with the colour. My problem i usually have is that my lips get really dry very quickly so i needed something with a really nice texture that wouldn't dry out so quick and had a long lasting stay, so i can say i was pretty impressed with these!

The first lipstick i bought was 107, I'm used to getting lipsticks that have a name like "Tutti Frutti" "Summers dream" rather then a number.
I will need to repurchase this at some point because when i first got it it was the only lipstick i wore for weeks! It glides on really well for a matte lipstick although because its dark i found it smudged quite easily.
The staying power was very impressive and i went about 5 or so hours without having to top it up and i found it didn't really dry out quickly.

The lipstick is quite dark but its not too dark for my skin tone which i really like. 
I got a Collection Gothic lipstick which was very very dark which i feel i can't wear much make up with but with this one i can go with a classic cat eye and some blush.

A couple of months i bought my first lipstick i decided to buy another that i had been passing by the make up counter for some time. This lipstick number is 110.
I had seen various people wear it and i did a few swatches and it looked wonderful but i wasn't 100% on the colour. 
When i bought it it was actually reduced in a basket for about less then £2 which made me wonder why, I asked the lady who was doing the reductions and she said it could of been for various reasons one of them could be due to the lipstick being discontinued. From this i haven't checked yet if it is still available to purchase.

I was really surprised because i found i quite liked the colour and how Matte it was and again like its sister it applied really well. But i found out after a few hours i would get waxy clumps all around my lips and a lot of the lipstick had come off so i did have to wipe the lip stick off again and reapply after a few hours.

I hope you liked my review!

Ciao X

Sunday, 13 July 2014

One of those nights.

I'm currently in bed.   I'm suppose to be asleep because i have a very very early morning but because of that i can't sleep! I'm one of those people who can't sleep or doesn't want to sleep because when i do i know i'll have to wake up and get ready for work in the morning.
But if i have a day off?! I lounge about and don't get up til silly o clock then wonder where half my day went.

And I'm in bed scrolling the internet.
It's one of those night.
Yes you know, those.
Your too hot with the covers on but too cold with out them.
So you go to open the window up to let some cool air in and what do you hear? Rain! Oh heaven!
It's nice to fall asleep to the sound of rain.
I like it because it's peaceful!!! 

I've also got an array of Air sprays/Mists that you spray around the room or just onto your pillow and they are suppose to help you sleep.
My favourite relaxing smell is lavendar but i've found that Febreeze have a range of "Sleep Serenity" bedroom mists that make your room smell so amazing, calming and relaxing. My favourie so far is Warm milk & delicious!

What's the best way you have found to go to sleep? What helps you to relax and fall asleep?

Ciao! X

Picture Via Tumblr Source - Unknown
Febreeze Sleep Serenity Photo stock-  Google/Amazon

Ostrich cam! Live!

♥  Ostriches!!


                                                    ♥ Lookit how cute and fuzzy she is!!

Time for something a bit different...again!

I want to share something with you i have been following the past year or so.
I found this Live stream through a website and I've been following it ever since.
I've been really lucky the past year to witness the development and the birth and ageing of these ostriches. It is quite random i do admit at the time i thought it was strange but when you get into it, and i admit you do have to be patient, you really get hooked.

Now for some background story to get you up to speed!!
I first found the site when Dash (Gentleman who runs it) had a single Egg he nicknamed Pip...short for Pipsqueak because every so often out of the hatching process you would hear a tiny little pipping noise.
It was adorable unfortunately she passed away due to complications and everyone who had watched her being incubated and born felt their sadness for Dash.
We were all again happy to find out he was trying again and carrying on with something he loved doing ...this time with 3 eggs!
We all became a community, rooting on these little birds and giving Dash and giving him lots of support. I was lucky to watch 2 of these birds hatch!
But again tragedy struck and all three passed away and we all felt like we had been hit by a truck when we all found out the news, Dash had given  these birds a chance and had given them an amazing few weeks but the worst happened.

So when i got an email through a month or so ago saying the cam had gone live i was curious to see what he could be streaming.
Turns out there were 5 new eggs being incubated!!!! I won't spoil any more for you and you will have to go see and experience it for yourself!

It's happening right now!! The two eggs are hatching! In the past i pretty much watched for 6 hours those little balls of fluff hatch and I'm exited to be able to watch yet again!

Head on over to Ustream Ostrich Cam! <3 and catch up on the story through Dash's Facebook dedication page

The turn of events from watching this live cam have been amazing, saddening and have given glimpses of hope that these two little eggs will be able to grow up...and we get to watch!!

A lot of people who i have tried to share this with have been slightly more...put off and didn't appreciate as much the fact they get to watch something live happening right now.

I hope you guys appreciate this as much i have done!

x Ciao