Monday, 28 July 2014

My August wish list! ♥

First time for everything and I've never done one of these before so let's see how it goes.
I'm just going to add a whole load of bits and bobs into this for my August Wish list!

My first on my wishlist is MAC diva. I've seen it a few times on instagram and various pictures on Tumblr. I love how dark and striking it is. Plus the fact it's MAC, sometimes just owning a branded high end product is nice in itself. I shall be sporting the dark lip throughout autumn...again!  

I still love these shoes. For me the heel looks a bit...clunky as I'm used to a stiletto and I'd feel like a clown wearing them at first. But I suppose once you get used to them you will look a feel fab! It's all in the confidence

These trousers from American apparel are so fancy! I had seen them on another blog, which name escapes my mind but I'm sure I've bookmarked somewhere. I loved the different shades used to give you more variety rather then the usual standard white or black. It's just so nice to NOT wear jeans or leggings!

Benefit their real push up eye liner.
I love winged eye liner and I've used pencils, liquids and pots but this seems so different.  I've seen mixed reviews over this product and i feel that without trying it for myself , I don't know how I feel about it just yet. It looks different from anything I've used but you have to get used to it! 

Brush cleansers, I've known about these for a while but didn't take them seriously because I didn't know how to use them. But after finding that my new foundation wouldn't shift from my favourite face brush, it was time to ask around.
These brush cleaners were recommended to me and the ladies said they were much better then baby shampoo! Especially at shifting the hard caked on stuff! 

Thanks for reading!
Comment your Autumn wish list

Ciao x ♥