Sunday, 13 July 2014

Ostrich cam! Live!

♥  Ostriches!!


                                                    ♥ Lookit how cute and fuzzy she is!!

Time for something a bit different...again!

I want to share something with you i have been following the past year or so.
I found this Live stream through a website and I've been following it ever since.
I've been really lucky the past year to witness the development and the birth and ageing of these ostriches. It is quite random i do admit at the time i thought it was strange but when you get into it, and i admit you do have to be patient, you really get hooked.

Now for some background story to get you up to speed!!
I first found the site when Dash (Gentleman who runs it) had a single Egg he nicknamed Pip...short for Pipsqueak because every so often out of the hatching process you would hear a tiny little pipping noise.
It was adorable unfortunately she passed away due to complications and everyone who had watched her being incubated and born felt their sadness for Dash.
We were all again happy to find out he was trying again and carrying on with something he loved doing ...this time with 3 eggs!
We all became a community, rooting on these little birds and giving Dash and giving him lots of support. I was lucky to watch 2 of these birds hatch!
But again tragedy struck and all three passed away and we all felt like we had been hit by a truck when we all found out the news, Dash had given  these birds a chance and had given them an amazing few weeks but the worst happened.

So when i got an email through a month or so ago saying the cam had gone live i was curious to see what he could be streaming.
Turns out there were 5 new eggs being incubated!!!! I won't spoil any more for you and you will have to go see and experience it for yourself!

It's happening right now!! The two eggs are hatching! In the past i pretty much watched for 6 hours those little balls of fluff hatch and I'm exited to be able to watch yet again!

Head on over to Ustream Ostrich Cam! <3 and catch up on the story through Dash's Facebook dedication page

The turn of events from watching this live cam have been amazing, saddening and have given glimpses of hope that these two little eggs will be able to grow up...and we get to watch!!

A lot of people who i have tried to share this with have been slightly more...put off and didn't appreciate as much the fact they get to watch something live happening right now.

I hope you guys appreciate this as much i have done!

x Ciao