Tuesday, 22 July 2014

My favourite Drug store Lipstick reviews

So I love trying new lipsticks and at what better price than drug store!?
My two favourite I found were by rimmel in the Kate Moss lasting finish lipstick range. 
I actually found these two by watching someone else's Beauty Haul Vlog and i fell in love with the colour. My problem i usually have is that my lips get really dry very quickly so i needed something with a really nice texture that wouldn't dry out so quick and had a long lasting stay, so i can say i was pretty impressed with these!

The first lipstick i bought was 107, I'm used to getting lipsticks that have a name like "Tutti Frutti" "Summers dream" rather then a number.
I will need to repurchase this at some point because when i first got it it was the only lipstick i wore for weeks! It glides on really well for a matte lipstick although because its dark i found it smudged quite easily.
The staying power was very impressive and i went about 5 or so hours without having to top it up and i found it didn't really dry out quickly.

The lipstick is quite dark but its not too dark for my skin tone which i really like. 
I got a Collection Gothic lipstick which was very very dark which i feel i can't wear much make up with but with this one i can go with a classic cat eye and some blush.

A couple of months i bought my first lipstick i decided to buy another that i had been passing by the make up counter for some time. This lipstick number is 110.
I had seen various people wear it and i did a few swatches and it looked wonderful but i wasn't 100% on the colour. 
When i bought it it was actually reduced in a basket for about less then £2 which made me wonder why, I asked the lady who was doing the reductions and she said it could of been for various reasons one of them could be due to the lipstick being discontinued. From this i haven't checked yet if it is still available to purchase.

I was really surprised because i found i quite liked the colour and how Matte it was and again like its sister it applied really well. But i found out after a few hours i would get waxy clumps all around my lips and a lot of the lipstick had come off so i did have to wipe the lip stick off again and reapply after a few hours.

I hope you liked my review!

Ciao X