Thursday, 31 July 2014

Body shop Wish list♥

For my birthday i was bought a ton of amazing things from The Body Shop!
I love them all and i can't wait to use them all but i still want more!

I went into the body shop a while ago looking for some presents for my friend, a fellow Body Shop Lover, and to be honest i found more things I'd love to have myself rather then give as a present.
I'm 100% sure i will buy double and give her them anyway.

This wishlist isn't really all that big because make up wise ironically I've seen more in store then i have online so i can't really add those in. Also another reason there might not seem like there is a lot is because my body shop loving friend bought me loads of body shop products for my birthday so I'm full to the brim with products to use!

 My first favorite i would love to buy is the ever so popular body butter...but in Honey! It's called Honeymania quirky like the Chocomania one. I really hope this becomes a Permanent product for them and not just a one off summer limited edition. I smelt this product in store and it smells so luscious, i did a patch test on the front of my hand and on my wrist and it felt very silky smooth and more importantly...hydratingly moisturized!

 My second, sticking with the honey theme, is the Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry oil. If you have been lucky to enjoy the sun and become a sun worshiping soul then i recommend this product to help enhance your tan. It's shimmer and smells of honey! I bet it feels fantastic on your skin and ill be shocked if you don't wear this out to an evening meal or party and don't feel glamorous.

 My third in my wishlist/want list is the All in one BB cream. I'd seen this A LOT in various blogs and youtube video's and it seemed really popular. I mean a lot of youtubers and bloggers wouldn't lie about a product if it was bad? right?
The only thing i found wrong when seeing this product is how small it was and at the prices they do you would have to buy in bulk if you had some discount. I feel i would use a tube a month and i can't really afford to buy a new one each time. So this one might have to be left to those special occasions.

 Lastly! Vitamin E aqua boost sorbet. All i have seen advertised on the oustside of the window of our own body shop establishment is the Sorbet collection with range from Facial creams to body creams. I have enough body butters to last me a few good years! I decided i'd go for something a bit different and seeing as though its summer time my skin might be in a extra need of Vitamin E to help keep moisture, keep it looking healthy and fresh!

I hope you enjoyed this wishlist!
Please feel free comment below!
If you have a personal favorite you are looking forward to buying or if you have any of these products and want to tell me about them!

Ciao X

All pictures are accredited to the Body Shop wesbite.