Wednesday, 6 August 2014

My Worst Mascara to date.

I'm not 100% too keen on writing bad reviews but i feel like this one takes the proverbial cake!
I wanted a mascara that was waterproof so if i got caught out in the rain or laughing so hard i cry so i wouldn't have to worry about it running my face and looking like a total mess.

I didn't really look very far or research online, it was more of a "oh hey this is mascara, lets buy it!" kind of moments.
Wish i didn't!
The product i bought was Maybelline 'The Rocket Volum Express Waterproof' in the big blue tube.
First impressions were good! It lasted long during the day and i decided to test it out at night by having a shower and seeing if it would budge from my eye lashes.
Well the mascara stayed, true to the packaging and i only had my eyeliner running down my face making me look like a hysterical woman who had cried none stop.
Time to test against some make up remover.
Now i have to start by saying i have had this product a while and didn't use it again for quite a while until last night in which i then remembered why i should throw it in the bin.

Basically...this mascara glues itself to your eye lashes a little too well.
It took scrubbing half of my eye lashes away to get this bad boy off. Even if you tried to take it off with a make up remover or a specially labeled eye make up remover that removed even the toughest water proof stays!
If you go to bed defeated with what eye lashes you have left at least it won't stain your pillows.
Then in the morning you can either try again, leave it on and apply your make up around it and think "Hey i already have mascara on!" or you can try and apply some normal mascara on the top which looks awful and clumpy.

I usually love Maybelline products and can't usually find faults with most of their products but for a water proof mascara this one is terrible to remove!

Going to have to read some reviews and see if i can find a better one that will shift when i need to remove it.

Comment below if you have bought this product and tell me what you thought about it!

Ciao X

*Picture is stock from google.