Thursday, 21 August 2014

Everyone does it differently!

If your a big blog reader, youtube watcher or if you write blogs yourself you will know there's a vast sea of reviews and make up tutorials.

We all see a look in a magazine we love or  on a blog and we want to know how to achieve this look.
But remember everyone does things differently.  
One person might use the most expensive MAC stipple brush while another person might use an ordinary sponge or even their fingers.
Someone might put medical tape on their face while creating a new clean eye shadow look or someone else might cover the edges with concealer instead while creating exacily the same style and look. 

Someone might use a lip brush to apply lipstick while another might just use it straight from the stick.
And none beauty related --- if you love a lot of tea, someone might pour their tea before taking the tea bag out and another might take the tea bag out first then pour the milk (Cray-Cray!!)

This means everyone's individual and they know how it might seem strange to you but its how they are used to doing these things and are comfortable with them.
So next time you see someone using a crazy looking brush to do a make up technique, remember that's how they are comfortable doing it!
 Practice at using different tools and use different techniques and try new things!
After all that's why they are tutorials!

What do i do?
I use the lipstick straight from the stick, unless its a dark colour then i use a brush to line my lips first then fill them in with the colour.
You might of been using a sponge to blend in your make up but then if you use a different brush you wouldn't of thought would work but does? YEY!
I still don't know what a lot of my make up brushes are exacily used for...but when i use them they do the job :D!

What do you find you use differently to others?

Ciao X