Thursday, 21 August 2014

6 Pint a day challenge!

This shouldn't really be a should be something you do every single day!
It's basic!

I am quite terrible when it comes to re hydration.
Since starting my new job all everyone seems to drink is tea...tea and more tea!
I think my first words when i came home after being asked how my first day at my new job were "They drink so much tea!!"
Tea and coffee and highly caffeinated drinks can dehydrate you and this is bad!

I am also terrible at the fact that when it comes to wanting a drink i go for pop, fizzy drinks which have loads of sugar in them!
Bad Kerry!

So, I've decided I'm going to do my hair, skin and body a favour and drink more water!
Today, half way through the day, i noticed my skin was really really dry and flaky.
My moisturiser looked awful...i looked like i had a flake skin moustache!
It was this episode that kind of kicked me into consideration that i really should drink more healthy water.

Every day for a month i'm going to drink 6 pints! I'll do another post in a months time letting you know how it went!

Here are a few pro's for you!

♥ Helps keep your skin and hair hydrated and fresh

♥ Helps to flush out toxins in your system

♥ Helps you feel more awake and refreshed

♥ Helps circulate oxygenated blood around your body

♥ Helps flush out any nasty bacteria in your bladder that could cause infections (Cystitis springs to mind)

♥ Helps to maintain the balance of fluids in your body

♥ Maintains toilet regularity (Not going to go into too much detail there!)

♥ Puts you in a good mood

♥ Helps save on money, because you aren't always rushing out to buy naughty fizzy pop or drinking tea after tea after coffee which can add up!

 And lets keep it even...A con!

♥ You wee a lot!

Lets do this challenge together for a month!
Or even if you have started please comment on how this challenge has helped you!!

Ciao X