Sunday, 31 August 2014

Beauty Scenairo Tag! My First Video!

Firstly! I apologise for 3 things:
♥The glare in my glasses! I should not look up as much or wear my contacts
♥The sound of the cars. Unfortunately for now there's really now where else i can film in my home that has good lighting so next to the window it is!
♥ Editing. This is my first video I've edited and I've edited it a few times to get it right but the more i do it the better i will be so please bare with me!

I thought a tag would be good first video to do to give new views and blog readers some more insight about me :)
I took this beauty scenario tag from Gabby AKA Velvetgh0st
Gabby ♥ Youtube.

I've been watching her video's for just over 2 months now and I'm really enjoying them. I love finding youtubers at a later date because i love watching their really early videos and watch how they evolve in style, editing or even if they move location!!

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Thank you!

Ciao x