Thursday, 21 August 2014

Favourite Vloggers & Bloggers

Every Week for a month i want to post about my favourite Vloggers and bloggers. Bit strange though?....starting Mid way through the month? OH WELL!
So this week i want to start with Zoella, this is her most recently added video as of today and I'm only half way through watching it before i want to blog!

I found her Chanel when i was randomly browsing through youtube video's on beauty products and what not i think originally i had gone from Pewdie Pie To his girl friend Marzia to a collab she did with Fashionroxmysocks Rhiannon to Zoella!

Strange when you click video's in the side bar and see where you end up?
At the time She had just over 3 Million subscribers but i didn't pay much attention because i was too busy raiding her video play list!
I was hooked! I couldn't get enough of her hauls, reviews and life style videos. I loved the Vlogmas ones she did and i was quite jealous, i have to admit, that she went on holiday for Christmas!
It was nice to see how her style had changed over the years from her first video to her most recent.
Which is why i love finding new aspiring vloggers and bloggers to watch their journeys grow and change.

Anyway....back to Zoe!

Her personality is so quirky and her laugh is infectious.
I love her hair and her make up.
We have quite a lot of similar likes such as Lush, Mac lipsticks and body shop products (These lists can go on and on)
She is defiantly someone i will be watching for the rest of my life! 
Give her a watch too if you haven't already?!

 Please comment if you want me to check out a vlogger or blogger you have been loving lately and why!

Ciao X