Thursday, 21 August 2014

Busy As A Bee!

Autum is already nearly here!
Crazy! That means i have a lot more blogging to do.
Don't worry, I've got plenty of idea's!

So, i wanted to update you on whats been going on.
♥ Full Time Job!
For years I've been in employment but I've always had two part time jobs.
This is disappointing because a lot of my other friends were at Uni or had full time jobs and i felt sad that i didn't work as much as every one else and couldn't afford much. I missed out on a lot of social time and relying on my parents to borrow money. It's amazing I've landed my self a full time job but i also feel like i don't have a lot of time for myself anymore. 
But I've found myself more aspired for this blog while I'm working. Random ideas just jump into my head and i have to write them down!

Like blogging having a youtube Chanel was another new years resolution i wanted to do!
So i did! But nearly 8 months after new years!
If you want to subscribe please do, it means a lot for you to watch me on my journey in doing something i love. Like watching this blog, at first i wasn't very good at it, now every day I'm improving it and learning!

 I've only ever been to one wedding and that was when i was very young and then i went to a few wedding receptions. But in this month i will have attended 2! 2 full weddings! Ceremony and reception! Let me tell you they are long days!
I'm also going to be bridesmaid at my sisters wedding this time next year so that will be exiting!
Here is a picture of me at a wedding in a dress i made.

♥ Sewing.
I love sewing. I have soo many pictures saved in my folder of clothes i want to make, bedding and curtains i want to make for when i get my own place.
But sewing takes a lot of time! I had sewn a long vintage style velvet dress, it look me 6 hours from start to finish. But yet when i had sewn the dress i wore recently to the wedding that look me a whole lot longer to make! I always see clothes i would love to own and wear but they are either too pricey or i just can't find where they stock. 
So the next best thing? Make it yourself! But you can't make an identical carbon copy so add your own twist! 

Ciao! X