Saturday, 30 August 2014

Healthy kale soup! home made!

I'm having a health kick!
No more pizza, No more chocolate(not for long), no more fizzy drinks!
I recently bought some jeans and i took them home and i couldn't fit them over my thighs.....I was devastated!! So time to heat healthy and drink healthy!
That's why you saw my 6 pints of water challenge post...Healthy!!

I've never made soup and i never really cook, the only meal I've perfected on cooking is beans on toast because it requires little effort. But even then its not that healthy if you eat too much.
So i decided threes no time like the present to learn how to cook!

This is what i used for my Kale soup, this is just how a friend showed me but you can do what you want, you can add or take ingredients away too. 

So what i used was: (Serves 4)

♥ Curly Kale - 250g
♥ Vegetable stock- 3 tea spoons (you can use any kind i used a powder)
♥ 2 onions (Goggles not essential but recommended)
      ♥ 1 Garlic
♥ 1 tea spoon Coriander
♥ 1 tea spoon Cumin
♥ 3 Pints of boiled water
♥ Olive oil

So to start off with you will need to peel the skins off the onions and start to dice them into small cubes. What i did is i sliced them into 4's then a cut those sections into smaller square pieces.
I had tears streaming down my face so i dived into the garage and got myself some goggles!

I did the same with the garlic, you don't have to use the whole clove, i used half because i really like garlic.
You have to cut these up into small little chunks.

Then i washed the kale in water to make sure they were clean and moist.

I then put some olive oil into a frying pan and popped the onions and garlic into it to soften.

While they were softening up i boiled 3 pints of water and popped it into a big pan and put 3 tea spoons of Vegetable stock into the pan and put it on to simmer.

I then added the kale to my frying pan for a minute or two and then added the frying pan contents into the big pan full of boiling water.

You then leave to boil for a good 20 minutes or so.

After this (Be careful it will be hot) you empty the contents into a blender, be careful how much of the water you put in because too much water will give more of a liquid consistency and make it smoother.

Blend for a good 5 minutes and let it cool!

Serve right away or store in the fridge in a container.
If you want to re heat it just pop it in the microwave as you would a normal tinned soup.

The first time i did this i actually blended too much water into the blender, so it was very very watery and more of a drink then soup.