Monday, 29 September 2014

No- no review!

 No-No- A big NO!

I do have to apologise for another negative review but this is one I feel I needed to do.
If you haven’t seen on a TV advert, radio or in a magazine there’s a new hair removal apparatus called the No-no, Meaning No more hair.
It’s little and compact and comes in an array of colours with different treatment settings, it also comes with a buffer pad and a moisturiser for after use.
It claims that It’s thermacon technology zaps away the hairs leaving smooth sleek skin and can be used anywhere on the body such as legs, chest, back, armpits and even your face!
Seems impressive, no?
I wanted to buy this product and test it out, what also made it appealing is the fact it had a 60 day money back guarantee if you weren’t happy.
But I couldn’t justify spending over £250+ on a machine that had very mixed reviews.

Luckily my best friend was able to receive one as a present for her birthday and I asked her how it was going and if after a few uses could I ask her some questions for a review. She happily accepted but said right from the start she was thoroughly disappointed with the No-no.

She said for the very first day she tried to get it to work for 6 hours. That’s a long time to get something that’s supposed to be quite simple and easy to use to work.
She is the kind of person who reads all the instructions thoroughly before using things so she wasn’t doing anything wrong.

She told me that she didn’t even manage to get to the moisturising stage because nothing had happened.
She had left her leg hair unshaven to the correct amount to make sure she could see any changes to where the hair would have been zapped, and …nothing!

It’s a lot of money to be spending to end up with a disappointing product, so she asked for a refund and send the item back.
She’s happy now she has her money refunded but still disappointed and unimpressed the fact this was product was very popular and seemed to be loved by a lot of people…and it didn’t seem to be all that.

I’m glad I was able to ask someone’s opinion on a product that would become so popular and I can say with certainty that I will not be purchasing this. I’m more aware of these kind of products too that seem to be popping up more and more and I’m going to be careful if I ever buy one.
If anyone has any questions they wanted to ask so I can ask my friend or if you have tried this product yourself and want to have your say please comment!

Ciao x ♥

Friday, 26 September 2014

Clothing Haul

I realised I'm not the greatest so far when under pressure from the Camera , at giving good descriptions of items that i feature.
Not to worry, this will be sorted as i have gathered many ideas about how i can improve this!
Keep tuned to see that improvement in action.

For the feature video:
Its not exactly Autumnal clothing but they were bits and bobs i saw that i wanted to purchase.
I went shopping...maybe at totally the wrong time.
It was a bank holiday and it was into the last week of the school holidays, this meant that everyone and their dog wanted to go last minute shopping...including me.
The shopping centre i went to is extremely popular and i struggled a lot to find clothing i liked as most of the shops were half in their summer clearance and half in getting new stock in.
It was extremely warm in a lot of shops and it was very easy to get fed up waiting in a queue of 60 people.

I didn't try a lot of the clothing on either because you just wanted to buy the clothes and leave.
I would be surprised if you could wait that long to get into a changing room that was hot, humid, sweaty and smelly and come out still wanting to purchase the clothing items that now smelt of other peoples Body odour.

Anyway! Good news!
It might be a time for me to actually go and do some Autumn clothing shopping!!!

Ciao X ♥

Thursday, 25 September 2014

3rd week Youtuber/Bloggers

Hey Guys!

Apologies for the fact i missed out on doing one of these last week but i had a bit of a break, i had a holiday off work and even though i had a lot of time on my hands i found myself managing to fill those days up pretty quick and didn't have time to blog or schedule!
But I'm here and busy as ever!

So, onto the third youtuber!
This one i only just started to watch his videos and i've watched about 90% of them so far.
I find a lot of them just hilarious because sometimes its just nice to be able to watch videos that are different from the usual hauls, tutorials and general beauty.

I present the very first video i watched.
At one point i was laughing in tears and i couldn't breathe it was so funny!

I hope you guys enjoy watching his videos and give you a massive pick me up, as they did for me!

Get ready to laugh til you get a 6 pack!

Ciao X

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

First Day Of AUTUMN!

 That's right!

Get out the scarfs, hats, coats, onesies, fluffy blankets.
Put the kettle, fire and heating on!
Light some candles!
Looking at all the new cosy new season fashion colours and clothing they will have in stores now.
The smell of festive spice and freshly baked ginger bread men ♥

Autumn is my favourite season because i love seeing the season change, all the leaves will turn and fall into crunchy kicking temptations on the floor.
Then air becomes more cool and colder and crisp.
You wake up and there's a morning mist or evening fog.

Not to mention there's Halloween.....and Bon fire night!

I love going out for walks, wrapping up in a cardigan and over sized hat and scarf then coming back into a house where i can go for a steaming hot bath and settle with a hot chocolate or soup, wrap up in a blanket in my onsie and watch a film.


Whats your favourite thing about this season?

Images from google search :

Monday, 22 September 2014

Body shop & Lush Haul!

Hey Guys!

Uploaded my second video, its a haul!
I tried to move around quite a bit to make sure i didn't get as much glare in my glasses but it came out worse then before.
Not to worry i'll have to pull out the trusty contact lenses for future :)

Check it out here:

Friday, 5 September 2014

Get To Know Me Tag! ♥

Hey guys! So i did a tag a while back and i decided to do another one! Just to let all you knew and old followers know a little bit more about myself :) Enjoy! ♥
Vital Stats: 

♥ Name  Kerry Brown

♥ Nicknames
Kerry, Kid, Karebear

♥ Birthday

  2nd July 1992

♥ Place of Birth

Somewhere rather boring in the UK.
Linolnshire area!

♥ Star Sign


♥ Occupation
Currently an Apprentice Ambassador ...for grilles...yey!:/

♥ Appearance:

♥ Hair colour
Currently a mixture of natural mousy Brown, with sun bleached parts and then Blonde Ombre at the ends.

♥ Hair length

Under boob! I want it longer! :)

♥ Eye colour

Green..there are some little flecks of yellow!

♥ Best feature


♥ Braces

Nope, but i wish i had them when i was younger. Contemplating on getting them!

♥ Piercings

I have a few, mainly on my ears.
I have 5 on my ears. 3 are in 2 sets.
I have 3 naval piercings.

♥ Tattoos

One on my foot.

♥ Righty of Lefty
Righty!! Although it would be cool to be ambidextrous.
I can tie my shoe laces both "left handed" and "right handed"

♥ Firsts:

♥ Best friend
A girl - Adele age 3. We were friends right up until the age of 19.

♥ Award

Brownies most likely for something, maybe First Aid? But i cannot remember what for.

♥ Sport

Netball - Age 11

♥ Real Holiday

Ibiza - Age 18

♥ Concert
Lady Gaga -  Age 17

♥ Favourites:

♥ Film
Pans Labyrinth

♥ TV Show

At the moment, Hero's

♥ Colour

Mint green

♥ Song

Currently-  Maroon 5 Maps ♥

♥ Restaurant

Pizza hut...gotta love the hut

♥ Store

Urban Outfitters

♥ Book

I haven't got one so far.

♥ Magazine

Company!!! ♥

♥ Shoes

My white platform creepers by Primark..they do their job looking stylish. Until they get dirty.

♥ Feeling
Frustrated with life!

♥ Single or Taken

Taken! 4 years now ♥

♥ Eating

Nothing at the moment. Wish it was pizza ♥

♥ Listening to

Katy Perry - This is how we do

♥ Thinking about

About work tomorrow :(
Filming and editing :)

♥ Watching

Vlogs and videos on youtube.

♥ Wearing

 Black Strap top - Primark
Black Denier 40 Tights - Primark
Grey, black stripe skirt- Next

♥ Future:

♥ Want Children
2, just 2!

♥ Want to be married

Hopefully. More towards a yes.

♥ Careers in mind


♥ Where do you want to live
I'm not sure!?

♥ Do you believe in:

♥ God

♥ Miracles

 I believe in opportunities, if they are given to you.
You can work really really hard for a promotion, sometimes you might get it others there might not be that positon open to you. Which is sad. But i believe that if you work really hard you can achieve anything!

♥ Love at first sight

Not really

♥ Ghosts


♥ Aliens

Nope. But i believe that there might be bacteria on other planets.
♥ Soul Mates


♥ Heaven


♥ Hell.


♥ Kissing on the first date

Depends! If the feeling is right, yes. If the feeling is wrong No!

♥ Yourself

Some days, Yes, Some days No.
This tag was taken from.stephilareine. Blog! Go check her out!
Ciao X

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Dress like the youtuber!


I was flicking through Instagram the other day and i managed to find some Instagram profiles that give you the websites and prices of clothing items youtubers have worn.

Some times in a haul video youtubers will tag in the description box where they bought the item from so if you really really love can buy it!
But sometimes in random Vlogs, appearances and early videos they might of forgotten or were not able to give a link to the website.

I know I'm someone who often takes screen shots of the description boxes of items I've seen from a haul that I'd like to purchase but i always forget about them and they are left in my screen shot folder :(

But now I've found this profile i love it, i love scrolling through going "oh i loved that top she wore on this date ♥"

So, check out the instagram here dress_like_youtubers instagram
I love it and i know i can't wait til pay day to try and find a lot of the dresses or blouses they have been wearing!!

Let me know what you think ♥

Ciao x