Friday, 5 September 2014

Get To Know Me Tag! ♥

Hey guys! So i did a tag a while back and i decided to do another one! Just to let all you knew and old followers know a little bit more about myself :) Enjoy! ♥
Vital Stats: 

♥ Name  Kerry Brown

♥ Nicknames
Kerry, Kid, Karebear

♥ Birthday

  2nd July 1992

♥ Place of Birth

Somewhere rather boring in the UK.
Linolnshire area!

♥ Star Sign


♥ Occupation
Currently an Apprentice Ambassador ...for grilles...yey!:/

♥ Appearance:

♥ Hair colour
Currently a mixture of natural mousy Brown, with sun bleached parts and then Blonde Ombre at the ends.

♥ Hair length

Under boob! I want it longer! :)

♥ Eye colour

Green..there are some little flecks of yellow!

♥ Best feature


♥ Braces

Nope, but i wish i had them when i was younger. Contemplating on getting them!

♥ Piercings

I have a few, mainly on my ears.
I have 5 on my ears. 3 are in 2 sets.
I have 3 naval piercings.

♥ Tattoos

One on my foot.

♥ Righty of Lefty
Righty!! Although it would be cool to be ambidextrous.
I can tie my shoe laces both "left handed" and "right handed"

♥ Firsts:

♥ Best friend
A girl - Adele age 3. We were friends right up until the age of 19.

♥ Award

Brownies most likely for something, maybe First Aid? But i cannot remember what for.

♥ Sport

Netball - Age 11

♥ Real Holiday

Ibiza - Age 18

♥ Concert
Lady Gaga -  Age 17

♥ Favourites:

♥ Film
Pans Labyrinth

♥ TV Show

At the moment, Hero's

♥ Colour

Mint green

♥ Song

Currently-  Maroon 5 Maps ♥

♥ Restaurant

Pizza hut...gotta love the hut

♥ Store

Urban Outfitters

♥ Book

I haven't got one so far.

♥ Magazine

Company!!! ♥

♥ Shoes

My white platform creepers by Primark..they do their job looking stylish. Until they get dirty.

♥ Feeling
Frustrated with life!

♥ Single or Taken

Taken! 4 years now ♥

♥ Eating

Nothing at the moment. Wish it was pizza ♥

♥ Listening to

Katy Perry - This is how we do

♥ Thinking about

About work tomorrow :(
Filming and editing :)

♥ Watching

Vlogs and videos on youtube.

♥ Wearing

 Black Strap top - Primark
Black Denier 40 Tights - Primark
Grey, black stripe skirt- Next

♥ Future:

♥ Want Children
2, just 2!

♥ Want to be married

Hopefully. More towards a yes.

♥ Careers in mind


♥ Where do you want to live
I'm not sure!?

♥ Do you believe in:

♥ God

♥ Miracles

 I believe in opportunities, if they are given to you.
You can work really really hard for a promotion, sometimes you might get it others there might not be that positon open to you. Which is sad. But i believe that if you work really hard you can achieve anything!

♥ Love at first sight

Not really

♥ Ghosts


♥ Aliens

Nope. But i believe that there might be bacteria on other planets.
♥ Soul Mates


♥ Heaven


♥ Hell.


♥ Kissing on the first date

Depends! If the feeling is right, yes. If the feeling is wrong No!

♥ Yourself

Some days, Yes, Some days No.
This tag was taken from.stephilareine. Blog! Go check her out!
Ciao X