Thursday, 25 September 2014

3rd week Youtuber/Bloggers

Hey Guys!

Apologies for the fact i missed out on doing one of these last week but i had a bit of a break, i had a holiday off work and even though i had a lot of time on my hands i found myself managing to fill those days up pretty quick and didn't have time to blog or schedule!
But I'm here and busy as ever!

So, onto the third youtuber!
This one i only just started to watch his videos and i've watched about 90% of them so far.
I find a lot of them just hilarious because sometimes its just nice to be able to watch videos that are different from the usual hauls, tutorials and general beauty.

I present the very first video i watched.
At one point i was laughing in tears and i couldn't breathe it was so funny!

I hope you guys enjoy watching his videos and give you a massive pick me up, as they did for me!

Get ready to laugh til you get a 6 pack!

Ciao X