Sunday, 31 August 2014

Beauty Scenairo Tag! My First Video!

Firstly! I apologise for 3 things:
♥The glare in my glasses! I should not look up as much or wear my contacts
♥The sound of the cars. Unfortunately for now there's really now where else i can film in my home that has good lighting so next to the window it is!
♥ Editing. This is my first video I've edited and I've edited it a few times to get it right but the more i do it the better i will be so please bare with me!

I thought a tag would be good first video to do to give new views and blog readers some more insight about me :)
I took this beauty scenario tag from Gabby AKA Velvetgh0st
Gabby ♥ Youtube.

I've been watching her video's for just over 2 months now and I'm really enjoying them. I love finding youtubers at a later date because i love watching their really early videos and watch how they evolve in style, editing or even if they move location!!

Let me know what you think in the comments!
Subscribe and give a thumbs up if you enjoyed it!!!

Thank you!

Ciao x

Week 2! - Favourite Vloggers & Bloggers!-

Staying True to what i said this is my second week of favourite vloggers and bloggers!

Again its another Youtuber!!!
Hannah Maggs
I first found Hannah Magg's youtube through zoella, Because its nice to go through and see what video's they recently liked as you find wonderful new people to watch.

Her channel, or what i watch her for now, is more lifestyle. I love watching Vlog video's watching what people do on a month to month, week to week basis. Its really nice. Plus its not really stalkerish either? it?

When i first found her i think Baby Spa was one of the most sweetest and adorable video's i had ever seen. I then went back from there and started watching the old video's until i got to the new vlogs.
So through out her pregnancy, finding out the sex, to the birth and to present day.

She also shares her account with her husband Stephan who's just hillarious in his own way, i always laugh when he sings 'Shine Bright like a daimond' like someone from a farm, that kind of accent name escapes me right now. (Theres a bet on that too!)

I love their recent videos, also trending on twitter, with black out nights, in which you turn off all electic appliances so Computers
                                  Put phones on silent (Not off due to if anyone tries to ring for an emergancy)
I think this is a really nice way to just detatch from the fast paced life on the internet and live in the now where you look around you a lot more and apreciate things that happen around you.
For instance, whenever i am on a train or the passanger of a car i always, always look outside the window and look at the fields, buildings and just the country side and i love it. 
Plus i can't read my phone when traveling as i get car sick :(

I love this Vlog and Vlogger! So if you are interested in having a laugh, cry or just want to nosy around in someones week this is a chanel to watch.


Saturday, 30 August 2014

Healthy kale soup! home made!

I'm having a health kick!
No more pizza, No more chocolate(not for long), no more fizzy drinks!
I recently bought some jeans and i took them home and i couldn't fit them over my thighs.....I was devastated!! So time to heat healthy and drink healthy!
That's why you saw my 6 pints of water challenge post...Healthy!!

I've never made soup and i never really cook, the only meal I've perfected on cooking is beans on toast because it requires little effort. But even then its not that healthy if you eat too much.
So i decided threes no time like the present to learn how to cook!

This is what i used for my Kale soup, this is just how a friend showed me but you can do what you want, you can add or take ingredients away too. 

So what i used was: (Serves 4)

♥ Curly Kale - 250g
♥ Vegetable stock- 3 tea spoons (you can use any kind i used a powder)
♥ 2 onions (Goggles not essential but recommended)
      ♥ 1 Garlic
♥ 1 tea spoon Coriander
♥ 1 tea spoon Cumin
♥ 3 Pints of boiled water
♥ Olive oil

So to start off with you will need to peel the skins off the onions and start to dice them into small cubes. What i did is i sliced them into 4's then a cut those sections into smaller square pieces.
I had tears streaming down my face so i dived into the garage and got myself some goggles!

I did the same with the garlic, you don't have to use the whole clove, i used half because i really like garlic.
You have to cut these up into small little chunks.

Then i washed the kale in water to make sure they were clean and moist.

I then put some olive oil into a frying pan and popped the onions and garlic into it to soften.

While they were softening up i boiled 3 pints of water and popped it into a big pan and put 3 tea spoons of Vegetable stock into the pan and put it on to simmer.

I then added the kale to my frying pan for a minute or two and then added the frying pan contents into the big pan full of boiling water.

You then leave to boil for a good 20 minutes or so.

After this (Be careful it will be hot) you empty the contents into a blender, be careful how much of the water you put in because too much water will give more of a liquid consistency and make it smoother.

Blend for a good 5 minutes and let it cool!

Serve right away or store in the fridge in a container.
If you want to re heat it just pop it in the microwave as you would a normal tinned soup.

The first time i did this i actually blended too much water into the blender, so it was very very watery and more of a drink then soup.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Favourite Vloggers & Bloggers

Every Week for a month i want to post about my favourite Vloggers and bloggers. Bit strange though?....starting Mid way through the month? OH WELL!
So this week i want to start with Zoella, this is her most recently added video as of today and I'm only half way through watching it before i want to blog!

I found her Chanel when i was randomly browsing through youtube video's on beauty products and what not i think originally i had gone from Pewdie Pie To his girl friend Marzia to a collab she did with Fashionroxmysocks Rhiannon to Zoella!

Strange when you click video's in the side bar and see where you end up?
At the time She had just over 3 Million subscribers but i didn't pay much attention because i was too busy raiding her video play list!
I was hooked! I couldn't get enough of her hauls, reviews and life style videos. I loved the Vlogmas ones she did and i was quite jealous, i have to admit, that she went on holiday for Christmas!
It was nice to see how her style had changed over the years from her first video to her most recent.
Which is why i love finding new aspiring vloggers and bloggers to watch their journeys grow and change.

Anyway....back to Zoe!

Her personality is so quirky and her laugh is infectious.
I love her hair and her make up.
We have quite a lot of similar likes such as Lush, Mac lipsticks and body shop products (These lists can go on and on)
She is defiantly someone i will be watching for the rest of my life! 
Give her a watch too if you haven't already?!

 Please comment if you want me to check out a vlogger or blogger you have been loving lately and why!

Ciao X

Busy As A Bee!

Autum is already nearly here!
Crazy! That means i have a lot more blogging to do.
Don't worry, I've got plenty of idea's!

So, i wanted to update you on whats been going on.
♥ Full Time Job!
For years I've been in employment but I've always had two part time jobs.
This is disappointing because a lot of my other friends were at Uni or had full time jobs and i felt sad that i didn't work as much as every one else and couldn't afford much. I missed out on a lot of social time and relying on my parents to borrow money. It's amazing I've landed my self a full time job but i also feel like i don't have a lot of time for myself anymore. 
But I've found myself more aspired for this blog while I'm working. Random ideas just jump into my head and i have to write them down!

Like blogging having a youtube Chanel was another new years resolution i wanted to do!
So i did! But nearly 8 months after new years!
If you want to subscribe please do, it means a lot for you to watch me on my journey in doing something i love. Like watching this blog, at first i wasn't very good at it, now every day I'm improving it and learning!

 I've only ever been to one wedding and that was when i was very young and then i went to a few wedding receptions. But in this month i will have attended 2! 2 full weddings! Ceremony and reception! Let me tell you they are long days!
I'm also going to be bridesmaid at my sisters wedding this time next year so that will be exiting!
Here is a picture of me at a wedding in a dress i made.

♥ Sewing.
I love sewing. I have soo many pictures saved in my folder of clothes i want to make, bedding and curtains i want to make for when i get my own place.
But sewing takes a lot of time! I had sewn a long vintage style velvet dress, it look me 6 hours from start to finish. But yet when i had sewn the dress i wore recently to the wedding that look me a whole lot longer to make! I always see clothes i would love to own and wear but they are either too pricey or i just can't find where they stock. 
So the next best thing? Make it yourself! But you can't make an identical carbon copy so add your own twist! 

Ciao! X

6 Pint a day challenge!

This shouldn't really be a should be something you do every single day!
It's basic!

I am quite terrible when it comes to re hydration.
Since starting my new job all everyone seems to drink is tea...tea and more tea!
I think my first words when i came home after being asked how my first day at my new job were "They drink so much tea!!"
Tea and coffee and highly caffeinated drinks can dehydrate you and this is bad!

I am also terrible at the fact that when it comes to wanting a drink i go for pop, fizzy drinks which have loads of sugar in them!
Bad Kerry!

So, I've decided I'm going to do my hair, skin and body a favour and drink more water!
Today, half way through the day, i noticed my skin was really really dry and flaky.
My moisturiser looked awful...i looked like i had a flake skin moustache!
It was this episode that kind of kicked me into consideration that i really should drink more healthy water.

Every day for a month i'm going to drink 6 pints! I'll do another post in a months time letting you know how it went!

Here are a few pro's for you!

♥ Helps keep your skin and hair hydrated and fresh

♥ Helps to flush out toxins in your system

♥ Helps you feel more awake and refreshed

♥ Helps circulate oxygenated blood around your body

♥ Helps flush out any nasty bacteria in your bladder that could cause infections (Cystitis springs to mind)

♥ Helps to maintain the balance of fluids in your body

♥ Maintains toilet regularity (Not going to go into too much detail there!)

♥ Puts you in a good mood

♥ Helps save on money, because you aren't always rushing out to buy naughty fizzy pop or drinking tea after tea after coffee which can add up!

 And lets keep it even...A con!

♥ You wee a lot!

Lets do this challenge together for a month!
Or even if you have started please comment on how this challenge has helped you!!

Ciao X


Everyone does it differently!

If your a big blog reader, youtube watcher or if you write blogs yourself you will know there's a vast sea of reviews and make up tutorials.

We all see a look in a magazine we love or  on a blog and we want to know how to achieve this look.
But remember everyone does things differently.  
One person might use the most expensive MAC stipple brush while another person might use an ordinary sponge or even their fingers.
Someone might put medical tape on their face while creating a new clean eye shadow look or someone else might cover the edges with concealer instead while creating exacily the same style and look. 

Someone might use a lip brush to apply lipstick while another might just use it straight from the stick.
And none beauty related --- if you love a lot of tea, someone might pour their tea before taking the tea bag out and another might take the tea bag out first then pour the milk (Cray-Cray!!)

This means everyone's individual and they know how it might seem strange to you but its how they are used to doing these things and are comfortable with them.
So next time you see someone using a crazy looking brush to do a make up technique, remember that's how they are comfortable doing it!
 Practice at using different tools and use different techniques and try new things!
After all that's why they are tutorials!

What do i do?
I use the lipstick straight from the stick, unless its a dark colour then i use a brush to line my lips first then fill them in with the colour.
You might of been using a sponge to blend in your make up but then if you use a different brush you wouldn't of thought would work but does? YEY!
I still don't know what a lot of my make up brushes are exacily used for...but when i use them they do the job :D!

What do you find you use differently to others?

Ciao X

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

My Worst Mascara to date.

I'm not 100% too keen on writing bad reviews but i feel like this one takes the proverbial cake!
I wanted a mascara that was waterproof so if i got caught out in the rain or laughing so hard i cry so i wouldn't have to worry about it running my face and looking like a total mess.

I didn't really look very far or research online, it was more of a "oh hey this is mascara, lets buy it!" kind of moments.
Wish i didn't!
The product i bought was Maybelline 'The Rocket Volum Express Waterproof' in the big blue tube.
First impressions were good! It lasted long during the day and i decided to test it out at night by having a shower and seeing if it would budge from my eye lashes.
Well the mascara stayed, true to the packaging and i only had my eyeliner running down my face making me look like a hysterical woman who had cried none stop.
Time to test against some make up remover.
Now i have to start by saying i have had this product a while and didn't use it again for quite a while until last night in which i then remembered why i should throw it in the bin.

Basically...this mascara glues itself to your eye lashes a little too well.
It took scrubbing half of my eye lashes away to get this bad boy off. Even if you tried to take it off with a make up remover or a specially labeled eye make up remover that removed even the toughest water proof stays!
If you go to bed defeated with what eye lashes you have left at least it won't stain your pillows.
Then in the morning you can either try again, leave it on and apply your make up around it and think "Hey i already have mascara on!" or you can try and apply some normal mascara on the top which looks awful and clumpy.

I usually love Maybelline products and can't usually find faults with most of their products but for a water proof mascara this one is terrible to remove!

Going to have to read some reviews and see if i can find a better one that will shift when i need to remove it.

Comment below if you have bought this product and tell me what you thought about it!

Ciao X

*Picture is stock from google.