Sunday, 31 August 2014

Week 2! - Favourite Vloggers & Bloggers!-

Staying True to what i said this is my second week of favourite vloggers and bloggers!

Again its another Youtuber!!!
Hannah Maggs
I first found Hannah Magg's youtube through zoella, Because its nice to go through and see what video's they recently liked as you find wonderful new people to watch.

Her channel, or what i watch her for now, is more lifestyle. I love watching Vlog video's watching what people do on a month to month, week to week basis. Its really nice. Plus its not really stalkerish either? it?

When i first found her i think Baby Spa was one of the most sweetest and adorable video's i had ever seen. I then went back from there and started watching the old video's until i got to the new vlogs.
So through out her pregnancy, finding out the sex, to the birth and to present day.

She also shares her account with her husband Stephan who's just hillarious in his own way, i always laugh when he sings 'Shine Bright like a daimond' like someone from a farm, that kind of accent name escapes me right now. (Theres a bet on that too!)

I love their recent videos, also trending on twitter, with black out nights, in which you turn off all electic appliances so Computers
                                  Put phones on silent (Not off due to if anyone tries to ring for an emergancy)
I think this is a really nice way to just detatch from the fast paced life on the internet and live in the now where you look around you a lot more and apreciate things that happen around you.
For instance, whenever i am on a train or the passanger of a car i always, always look outside the window and look at the fields, buildings and just the country side and i love it. 
Plus i can't read my phone when traveling as i get car sick :(

I love this Vlog and Vlogger! So if you are interested in having a laugh, cry or just want to nosy around in someones week this is a chanel to watch.