Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Karma-Karma Chamelion

Hello my lush lovlies!

Now, as you will read on through my blog, follow me, read through my upcoming posts you will see a distinctive pattern. You don't have to be a detective to figure it out either-


Yes, there i said it! Each time i go to lush i shall write about my Lush haul right here for you all to see!

One of the products i will write about is the Karma Bubble Bar.
I love the bubble bars, but i love bath bombs better.
My other half likes bath bombs, but loves bubble bars.

Now when i was first introduced to lush i wasn't too keen, the shop had a really strong and powerful smell that you couldn't walk past without going "oh lush!", I didn't understand what everything was, it was soo confusing! Because even when someone told you what a certain type of bath bomb was, once i got home I'd forgotten! But i found a Lush Bible! As I'm going to call it that now,...my lush bible. I have explained in a separate post what my lush bible is.

Let me introduce you to (Potato image quality) The karma Bubble bar!
It looks amazing! It has dark orange and slight mustard colours to it both intertwided, like what you would see on a cake.
It also has really small shimmer glitter bits inside it, only really small.
Karma fits in the palm of your hand so it's not overly big but not really really small for the price.

The description in my Lush bible says "Karma - An orange haze of heady sents, Patchouli and sweet orange bubbles for good Karma in the bathroom"
With all bubble bars what you do is you run your bath and whilst its still filling up crush some of the Bubble bar into the bath and give it a good swirl. Usually the bath changes colour and starts to fill with luscious bubbles. The more of the bar you put in, the more colour and bubbles!
In the lush shop they usually can give a demo on how to use them to let you see what the different kinds of bars smell like, look like and in general...do!

Now this was my bath whilst it was filling up. With the Karma i was actually disappointed in the way that my bath water didn't change colour at all! It did become bubbley in fact and smelt really citrus-ey tangy and it was a pretty relaxing bath.

So, I'd give the 'Karma Bubble Bar'- a 4 Stars! ****

I was bought this as a Christmas presents and i don't want to be rude and look up the price but you can pop over to the lush store to find out and look at all the other awesome products!.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Yankee candles!

I love, love, love candles.
I need a fire extinguisher I have so many candles its crazy!

My favourite candle is the one and only Yankee Candle Brand!
I haven't found a brand more cute, long lasting,  amazing smelling, quirky named candles in all my 21 years of living.

I've had about 5 candles from yankee candle so far I had a french vanilla ( my first one) smelt so creamy and lucious!
I then decided to get a bit fruity and go with a fruit cocktail which was a green one with mangos and such, then one that was quite citrus and zesty , I should really remember the names.
Then I got a lemon lavinder that smelt devine!
Aaaand best for last...... amazing Christmas present in spiced orange! My room fills with the smell of this! It's just so festive! I always like spice around christmas!

The spiced orange one is the only one in the very large £16.99 glasses and I hope that after many months of burning it I'm going to keep the glass and put it to some sort of use! Some diy adventure ill have to go onto! :)

All of the rest have kind of been a medium sized glasses for about £8.99 and they smell good but the smell doesn't fill the room as strongly as the big orange one, which to be fair sounds about right because it is ment to be a strong powerful smell.

I also love the little lamp top bits you can get for them that make them look like candle lamps! (Duuhh)
And the range you can get them in is just stunning!  I love the glass mosaic style ones, I have the cream and the black one in that and then I have a multi coloured sort of rainbow one.

But for me I think that yankee candle is just. ..the best?! They last for ages! They smell just phwoor! :)

Pictures will be updated!

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Winter Blues

We all get that lovely, warm, happy feeling when it's a awesome sunny day?
But we also get that down, depressed, cold, grumpy feeling when it rains? No?
Well! It's winter here in England and we have no snow!
To me it really doesn't feel like Christmas or even New Year without snow!
We had snow 2011, 2012 & 2013 but 2014?? No snow!
It really is quite dull outside without snow in winter. Snow just makes everything more prettier and shimmers and sparkles, don't you think?
Snow reminds me of hot chocolate,  cuddling up in throws and thick soft blankets with the heating on.
Having candles strewn around you when its dark to light up your room or maybe even the roaring fire?
watching netflix or any other kind of film of course! (Downton abbey!) :)
What does snow and winter remind you of doing, lovelies? ♥ x

Hello! And a big-ish Introduction!

Hello! Welcome!
This is my introductory post!
This is the first big step i take into my amazing world of Online Blogging and very soon to be Vlogging on youtube! Im very exited.

I'm going to explain a little bit more about my blog. Now if you like healthy obsessions with Make up, Beauty, Fashion and General Life style then you might of come to the right place.
This is a blog that im only just starting out with so it might be a little rough at the edges but hopefully in time and much research it will start to come together and hopefully be more eye pleasing!

At the begining of 2014 i said to myself "What is the one thing i really want to acheive this year as a personal goal? Besides all the usual 'eat more healthy and tone up' jazz that we all seem to promise ourselves at the beginning of the year" and Blogging popped into my head!
I'd already started a blog under a different name but got serious writers block and didn't really post anything and generally got bored and very unhappy with that blog so i decided to close it down.

Again, i really hope you love my blog! I hope you enjoy being with me from the start and being able to watch me grow into a better blogger and person!

I can't wait to start my adventure with you!
<3 x