Thursday, 16 January 2014

Hello! And a big-ish Introduction!

Hello! Welcome!
This is my introductory post!
This is the first big step i take into my amazing world of Online Blogging and very soon to be Vlogging on youtube! Im very exited.

I'm going to explain a little bit more about my blog. Now if you like healthy obsessions with Make up, Beauty, Fashion and General Life style then you might of come to the right place.
This is a blog that im only just starting out with so it might be a little rough at the edges but hopefully in time and much research it will start to come together and hopefully be more eye pleasing!

At the begining of 2014 i said to myself "What is the one thing i really want to acheive this year as a personal goal? Besides all the usual 'eat more healthy and tone up' jazz that we all seem to promise ourselves at the beginning of the year" and Blogging popped into my head!
I'd already started a blog under a different name but got serious writers block and didn't really post anything and generally got bored and very unhappy with that blog so i decided to close it down.

Again, i really hope you love my blog! I hope you enjoy being with me from the start and being able to watch me grow into a better blogger and person!

I can't wait to start my adventure with you!
<3 x