Friday, 17 January 2014

Yankee candles!

I love, love, love candles.
I need a fire extinguisher I have so many candles its crazy!

My favourite candle is the one and only Yankee Candle Brand!
I haven't found a brand more cute, long lasting,  amazing smelling, quirky named candles in all my 21 years of living.

I've had about 5 candles from yankee candle so far I had a french vanilla ( my first one) smelt so creamy and lucious!
I then decided to get a bit fruity and go with a fruit cocktail which was a green one with mangos and such, then one that was quite citrus and zesty , I should really remember the names.
Then I got a lemon lavinder that smelt devine!
Aaaand best for last...... amazing Christmas present in spiced orange! My room fills with the smell of this! It's just so festive! I always like spice around christmas!

The spiced orange one is the only one in the very large £16.99 glasses and I hope that after many months of burning it I'm going to keep the glass and put it to some sort of use! Some diy adventure ill have to go onto! :)

All of the rest have kind of been a medium sized glasses for about £8.99 and they smell good but the smell doesn't fill the room as strongly as the big orange one, which to be fair sounds about right because it is ment to be a strong powerful smell.

I also love the little lamp top bits you can get for them that make them look like candle lamps! (Duuhh)
And the range you can get them in is just stunning!  I love the glass mosaic style ones, I have the cream and the black one in that and then I have a multi coloured sort of rainbow one.

But for me I think that yankee candle is just. ..the best?! They last for ages! They smell just phwoor! :)

Pictures will be updated!