Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Facial Mask Review

Now, we've all been on amazon looking for something specific, only to be wooed by the "People who viewed this also viewed" part of looking at items.
This was most defiantly an Impulse buy of the moment for something that i can't for the life of me remember, one thing lead to another and i ended up buying a Lavender and tea tree facial clarifying face mask!

Its by Cyclax nature pure, it claims to:
                                                              Re-balance excess oil, i need help in that department!
                                                              De-toxifies and clarifies, oh heavens yes!
                                                              Cleans and freshens, well why wouldn't it?!

I tried this out a few times and it has made it into my routine skin cleaning/clearing routine!
It claims to help balance the oils out in your face that lead to black heads, white heads and spots which is something you'd want a face mask to do. It also claims to reduce shine to your face, which is always a plus too! Especially on a good skin day where you don't want to leave the house and have the sun gleeming off your face.
It also says to use it twice a week, well i try to but sometimes i just like to jump straight into the shower and get on with the cleaning process. I think i have to be more strict with this and actually use it twice or even once a week...again depending on a good skin week!

This is what it looked like on and i have to say it smelt amazing! Not so strong in the lavender department but then again you don't want to be blasted back by an intense smell when its suppose to help you relax. It felt really smooth and not too thick or oily and spread around really well!
I do admit i have some patches where i could of applied more but then again its just general prefferance!
Sorry for potato quality too! Phones aren't that good to take pictures on.
But none the less!!

I really like this product and i think this will most certainly be a rebuy and continue to be a perminant part of my skin care routine!

♥ 9/10

x Ciao