Friday, 7 February 2014

Nail polish remover pads!

I have always always used just the liquid nail varnish remover myself and to be honest I hated the smell. It's so strong, but it gets the job done.

Ive seen on a few beauty blogs and even a friend at work, had some nail polish remover pads in their hand bag and said it was a must for those times your nail varnish chips and you need to reapply without those uneven surfaces that chipped nail varnish can create ( I am a repeat offender of this)!

Again, first I always just used a basic liquid nail vanish remover from a bottle...strong smell! --Poowee
And cotton pads or buds. I hate hate hate the feel on my nails if I rub these side to side over my nails....and I'm not weird! I know there are those are you out there who are exactly the same!

So again from this I decided to give these carry around pads myself!
I went to my trusty boots store and scoped out the competition.
Now my first choice was to look at price instead of brand but as always boots brand prevailed at £1.20!
There were two choices now I can't remember the first ill have to go back and have a look and see what it was but I went for a moisturising nail varnish remover as I can have quite briddle nails that need strengthening and moisture and general love :)

I chose to use these...for the very first time to remove barry m matte black nail varnish now I don't know if this made any difference because it was black pigment but it wad quite terrible.
Was just....bleh.
Again, ill have to update if I use it again on any different colours, maybe some lighter ones.
But it was really quite difficult to remove, left black on my fingers where I was rubbing the pad across.
I generally felt it dried my hands out too!

So next time I might pay a bit more for a different brand and see how that works.
Im a bit tight too in the fact that I will still use these boots pads! Until they are gone!!
But they will be reappearing in a "Empties review" when ive tried out several more nail varnishes and pigments to see what the difference is with those.