Saturday, 13 December 2014

Lime Crime Lip Gloss ♥

I've been following the Lime Crime Cosmetics company for a while now, ever since they started off with a few brightly coloured lipsticks and Zodiac Glitter but never made a purchase as i thought they were a tad pricey.
But I've finally decided to treat myself and i made a buy!

I have had this at the top of my wish list for a while and its the:
           ♥ Lime Crime Carousel Gloss in Candy Apple.
Even the names are adorable.
The packaging is very quirky and makes the product feel all the more luxurious.

I never used to be a massive fan of lip glosses as i hated the way they felt on my lips but this was an exception.

I love the smell of this lip gloss as it smells very sweet almost like an cake you want to eat.
I've tried wearing the lip gloss by it's self and wasn't too fond of it but as soon as a stuck a lipstick underneath it was sensational!
Wearing it does make you feel like you have a very luxurious product on and i found myself checking my lips out in mirrors or shop windows i walked past.
The glitter is so magical underneath and you don't have to just stick with your usual reds underneath, you can go for darker or lighter colours that will look fab.

I have quite a few more cosmetics on my wish list from this website, especially the Velvetines!
I always look forward to their new products, but as i mentioned before they are only really treats for me as they are slightly expensive.

♥ Lime Crime Website