Monday, 8 December 2014

My Winter Lip Life Savers!

If you are like me and have to have that little tub/tube of lip savers in your bag then this might be a good read  for you!

I used to have a condition with my lips when i was much much younger that meant i had to have a permanent source of lip therapy by my side to quickly prevent chapping and splitting of my lips, it need to be highly moisturising. (Ouch sounds painful!! I can tell you that it was! :( )
Stress also was a factor in why i kept getting cold sores at the sides of my lips too.

Since then i have searched high.....and low for a really good quality of lip care.
They must be really good for your lips and they must also be at a price that won't break the bank.
I used to love the good ol' Vaseline tins but as it turns out, it was doing more worse then good!
I used to apply Vaseline to my lips around 20-35 times a day and would lick my lips if they felt really dry. Now i can confidently say i only apply this stuff maybe 3-5 times a day now.

(Apologies for the state they are in! They have been well used!)

Since then I've had small break outs caused by stress that I've managed to keep under control with these babies!
It's been hard but I've managed to keep it under control and to the point where if i feel i need a bit more extra moisture to my lips i know exactly what i need to apply before they get chapped.
So for those of you who suffer from very dry lips or no longer have that natural moisture to your lips then these beauties might just be the investment you need.

All 4 of these products are by the brand Blistex, it's amazing! They have lots of different products tailored to your lips needs.

Of the 4 i have -      Blistex Intensive Moisturiser in a tube,
                         Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner Aloe
   Blistex Relief Cream
Blistex MedPlus

And they aren't pricey!! Most are prices for just under £3 each!

I would recommend these products to any one who has troublesome lips.
They are 100% going to be continuous repurchases for me!!

Here is their website -
                                superdrug Blistex
                                Boots Blistex