Wednesday, 15 October 2014

New Late Video ---- September Favourites!

September is over and its been long gone for quite a while....16 days to be exact!
But in those 16 days things have been so so busy for me that i haven't had any time at all to film or edit or even blog!
Apart from the sneaky writing session I've had at work where I've written out whole future blog posts...shhh.
BUT don't worry! I'm not giving up before I've even begun, so here for you is my new video!

September Favourites!

Apologies for the seriously bad lighting, it gets mega dark when i arrive home and i don't have any special lighting equipment and i cannot afford it right now but i am experimenting on this so please bare with me. focus went cray-cray in this video. The setting i had it on was totally wrong so don't worry that's the LAST time you see crazy auto focus in my videos!

Please enjoy, thumbs up, comment and subscribe it means the whole world to me!

Ciao X ♥