Monday, 5 May 2014

Brushes! The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

Let's all be honest, we all watch youtube make up tutorials, look in fashion and beauty magazines. We go to the Cosmetic counters to try and find the brushes recommended and half the brushes they do seem so expensive!
So what do you do?
Well you would probably hunt around a bit, Amazon, eBay or various fashion sites trying to get a good deal.
See a 24 piece set for only £10? Or even a 37 piece set for only £20?! You would might even say to yourself "Wow that's so cheap! Bargain! I'm having that"
Well stop right there!! Put your debit card away and step away from the keyboard! There are in fact great brushes out there that don't sacrifice quality with quantity.
Sometimes the phrase 'too good to be true' usually means just that, It's TOO good to be TRUE!
It may seem amazing that you found a brush set for that fantastic price but in the end it might be that price for a reason.
This is why you should always be super selective when picking out brushes! At the end of the day they are part of your everyday make up routine so they have to be of good quality and have to stand the test of time and vigorous washes!

I was the victim of just this, scouring amazon for a professional make up set for a good price. A 32 piece set by Fräulein for only £15 from a amazon seller and if I'm honest I didn't even do any research. I got the brushes and they seemed like a good quality,  the bag they came in was a really nice black patented fabric and some of the brushes came with brush protectors on them.
I used the main brushes such as the big powder brush, eye brow brush, blush brush as well as various eye shadow brushes but a lot of them I didn't use because I either didn't need to or didn't know what or how they were used, seems like a waste of money for brushes I hadn't used!
I had this set for about a year now and after washing them once every two weeks or more I found that some of the bristles are falling out; Either into the water when washing or into my face after applying make up. 
Good quality brushes should not do this!

Many Youtubers are just like you and wanted to buy cheap and easy brushes but may have had to learn the hard way, so you don't have to.
Again if you can't afford a brush do a substitute!
Who can afford a whole brush set from mac anyway?!
Do some research online, Read reviews!
At the end of the day you will save yourself a lot of money not having to buy replacements and not walking around with loose bristles on your face and neck.

Brushes in header used : Mac
                                        Real Techniques