Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Who needs news years resolutions anyway?

Right from the start I did say I didn't just want this blog to be about beauty, fashion and reviews.  The fashion is still to come! :)
I also wanted it to be about life style too.

This is a random off the top of my head post about something I feel quite passionate about.
I over hear and read many conversations about people not being happy with themselves and wish they were different.
They always say "I wish I ate more healthy", "I wish I could stop smoking"  or even just "I wish I did something better with my time but I've got no motivation".
I'm guilty of that last one!
Targets and goals are amazing but why wait til next new years to make it a new years resolution, why even wait til next month or even why wait til tomorrow?
I find from observations and even personal experience that setting yourself a goal that's too far in the future is sometimes a bad thing.
Because it means even though there's plenty of time to get ready and prepared there's always time to talk yourself out of it, when you get a negative thought in your head it can be the worst thing and can spiral.
"This will be my last peice of pizza/chocolate/cigarette" is sometimes a good way to think. .....but your always going to say that time after time.
My point of the post is; instead of waiting for a goal to come along just do it today!
Positivity is the way to go! Tell yourself every day your goal and how far you have come since...well even if its just an hour ago you've already reached a new goal!
Why wait around? The results will come sooner to you rather then just next week or next month!
Just do it now! 
Believe in yourself! You CAN do it!
:) x