Thursday, 15 May 2014

Your health is in your hands.

Health kicks!

I'm going to round it up in a few sentences. Lately I've seen things and experienced things that make me think we should all really take care of ourselves more because at the end of the day we can benefit so much from eating and drinking yummy healthy foods!

You in general will feel better!
You will sleep better!
Your skin will feel amazing!
Your hair will feel soft and shine!
Your mind frame will feel refreshed!

I look at a few health blogs and I try to take in more of the food side then the body image side.
I'd rather look at a statement or a bowl of fruit or a healthy lunch food than a slim body frame.
That's just personal preference and determination for me, due to the fact that like most, I'm trying to be positive about my body image and looking at someone who doesn't have a flabby belly or bingo wings makes me feel bad about myself. After all I am human!

I might hear you say "why is she writing this?" Well over the past year I've had my own health scares a few of which I'll write separate posts, this one is too much of a essay already to read already!
But my biggest one is that I'm not drinking enough water.
Because of this I get various water infections from time to time. 

So, to stop these awful life ruining water infections I'm going to kick start a most basic health and life function!
Treat my body to more water! And healthy juices (mmm cranberry!)

To summarise....sometimes you might wonder "why do I get so many infections and colds?"
"Why is my skin really dull and dry?"
"My hair has been lacking it's usual luster and my conditioner isn't doing it for me anymore"
These might be your bodies way of telling you.....It needs more water! Fruit! Veggies!

Now I know I probably sound like your mum here but honestly,  If you look after your body, it will look after you :)

Listen to your body!