Friday, 6 February 2015

Cleansing water...what?

I'd seen this a few times, walking past a shelf in a supermarket thinking "Ooh look at that bottle" but never picked it up.
Then I'd seen on a few beauty blogs that this was a staple in their skin care range.

Now, if you have been following my blog recently you will know I'm really trying to get my skin care into a routine with good products!

♥ No more break outs
♥No more Acne
♥No More black heads or white Heads
♥No more big pores
♥No more shiny oily face!

After reading quite a few good blog posts about how good this product was and why I shouldn't be using make up wipes I became convinced this was the product that I NEEDED.
I went straight out and bought it. You can find it in your local super market or Drug store and it's quite cheap too!

The word "Cleansing water" to me sounds as if it would be too mild for my skin. But then again I wouldn't want anything that had really harsh chemicals! My poor skin!

I don't mind using this as a make up remover or even just a cleanser on it's own.
The amount of dirt that's on my cotton pad after using is astonishing!

This is now forever going to be a staple in my skin care routine!
Let me know if you have used this or a similar product!