Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Empty review. Rimmel London Clear Complextion Pressed Powder

It's time for a long awaited empty review.
I've had this sat around my room the past few weeks and got my butt into gear and did this review!

I didn't end this product on a good note, due to the compact cracking and breaking apart making it near impossible to swirl around on a brush and use on my face, with out having all of the powder drop onto the floor...and then stepped on and crushed into the carpet.
Fun for the hoover...not so much my socks.

So, I've decided to throw it away because there is no saving this little baby.
It's served me well, keeping my foundation in place and making me look not so shiny but now it's time to say goodbye.
It would most definitely be a repurchase but not any time soon, as i have some loose powder to work my way through. As soon as that baby is finished with this will be in my bag!

I used a few Rimmel London Pressed Powder products before i came across this which is called Clear Complexion pressed power, which i bought in a very light/pale shade.

This really helped give me a really nice, even, matte finished look to my make up.
I will hold my hands up and admit that it didn't last for very long as by midday I'd gotten oily in my T-Zone area and usually had to re-apply, which wasn't good when your busy at work, run your hand over your forehead and it's all oily!
I had only then realized that it only really had a lasting stay of 3 hours. Not so good?!!

Having  a pressed powder compact is handy to carry around with you in your bag because when you open it up, you haven't got loose powder spraying everywhere onto your work station or bag.